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A accent wall (also called feature wall) is a wall  whose design differs from the design of the other walls in the room. The accent wall’s color can simply be a different shade of the color of the other walls, or have a completely different design in terms of the color and material. The surface of the accent wall can be paint, wallpaper, brick, stone etc. As their name implies, accent walls are typically intended to break up the pattern created by the other walls, especially when the walls are painted  a single flat tone. However, a room may be wallpapered and have an accent wall that is untextured and undecorated, as it would serve the same purpose. The point of this can be for aesthetics alone or to highlight or frame some decorative element, such as a painting

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A wall distinguished by other materials apart from paint or a wallpaper is now a very fashionable solution. Tiles made of a natural stone and those imitating stone like plaster and concrete tiles are perfect as a wall facing.

Walls decorated with a stone have been very popular for years in the USA and Europe, especially among lovers of modern decorations. It is hardly surprising – a stone on a wall is beautiful, luxurious and it gives an interior more character.

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What choice do we have?

There is a number of solutions available in the market which allow pleasing your eye with the beauty of a stone and this is not reserved just for those who have wads of money. One of those solutions are tiles made of a natural stone. Stone tiles means that tiles are made of a natural stone – in most cases this is granite, marble, sandstone, slate or travertine. Thanks to different sizes we can adjust a stone to every type of decoration. And different kinds of stones allow you to pick the one that will look brilliantly.

In both modern and traditional interiors a decorative stone will bring an ecological character inside. Stones of universal colours can be combined with vivid warm and cold colours. Stones may be of bright colours like cream, beige and white or they be of dark colours such as brick red, brown, claret and graphite. Brick red and deep brown colours are often found in industrial interiors. Bright colours create the atmosphere of Scandinavian style and grey colours create rustic style.

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Among finishing materials available in the market we should pay special attention to stone imitations made of ceramic plaster and concrete mixture with crushed natural stones which are far easier to mount and not so expensive.

Concrete tiles – cement, sand, water and refining materials are used for their production.

Plaster tiles – made of high quality ceramic plaster. These are for interiors only. They possess favourable pH so mildew won’t develop on them and they create good micro climate inside. These tiles are classified as non-flammable.

Artificial stone facings not only provide a good thermal isolation but they also look very luxurious and create unique atmosphere, especially when being illuminated as they show their interesting structure then. It is highly advisable to put stone preservatives on stone facings. Thanks to it dust won’t settle on them.

Usually a stone is put on just one wall or on its fragments. It is not so much because of costs – a wall distinguished with a stone facing is no longer a background for furniture and becomes an important decorative element. The wall shouldn’t be too big otherwise the stone will dominate the interior. The stone harmonizes with modern and traditional interiors. It looks particularly good on a wall with a fireplace, in small dining rooms, or it can serve as a background for a TV set. Stone facings can be also used in bathrooms (apart from tiles made of plaster mass) or put above kitchen tops. A stone surface should be well lit which will emphasize its rich structure and unique colour.


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