Pillow Panels

 Pillow panels are not an ordinary pillow attached to the wall, it is an element that meets the properties of a pillow, but its structure has been designed so that each element adheres exactly to each other and does not stick out from the wall. The lack of any kind of wood or plastic underlays makes our panel extremely light. Our panels also have soundproofing properties according to the standards. Sound absorption index and class according to PN-EN ISO 11654: 1999: αW = 0.60 Sound absorption class: C They can be used wherever we want both original and unique interior design and improvement of acoustics. Ventilated backing Thanks to special holes, our panels "breathe", they do not constitute a tight barrier between plasters or other surfaces, and the fixed element itself, thanks to which there is no risk of fungus or mold accumulation in the direct place of panel installation.

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