3D Textured Wall Panels – The perfect solution to make your interior unique

3D Textured Wall Panels bring your walls to life with modern and contemporary textured wall designs. The system of 3D decorative panels (which means three-dimensional panels) that form one unit when pieced together. The panels’ joints are glued, filled and sanded until the surface is made uniform. Some projects are based on one pattern which form a repetitive decorative motif. Others are made of sequence of different panels that can be combined with one another in many ways to form completely unique walls.

Decostones range of 3D Textured Wall Panels are made of a special kind of plaster that is additionally strengthened with glass fiber. The measurements and weight of the panels may vary depending on the kind of pattern. In most cases such a panel weighs about 10kg and measures 1000mm x 800mm. The 3D panels are non-toxic and does not possess volatile mineral compounds. They are completely non-flammable.

Generally speaking, installation is not difficult but as with all interior decorating, employing the services of a qualified 3D Textured Wall Panels installer will achieve the best results.

Our range of Textured 3D wall panels are suitable for interiors where there is no great variations in temperature. We do not advise installing the panels on walls longer than 10m and on a surface bigger than 35m2 without applying expansion joints because small cracks may occur on the panel’s joints.

DecoStones 3D wall panels with Textures, give an extra dimension to your accent or focal walls and compliment just about any room in the house. Wall tiles can also be installed for Commercial use: Hotels, Office lobbies, Retail outlets, Restaurants, Trade show exhibits and more. Even install them as ceiling tiles. They make for beautiful and extravagant looking accent walls. The wall panels are paintable, lightweight, eco-friendly and easy to install.

For your inspiration, we have provided some additional examples of 3D Textured Wall Panels use.

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