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Architectural Concrete Panels -Dark...
Architectural Concrete Panels -Dark...

Architectural Concrete Panels -Dark Grey + Gold Dust

At Deco Stones Ltd we offer decorative for walls in the form of panels available in two different sizes. You will find our products in as many as 4 colour variants. With a view to the diverse requirements of customers, we offer an architectural one with several degrees ofporosity, from smooth surfaces to highly porous. It is also possible to adjust the offer to individual needs. We make to order even the most complex projects with decorative in the main role. 


Concrete Panel Size
  • 100 cm x 50 cm
Type Of Surface
  • Very Porous
Tax included Delivered within 14-21 working days


Decorative concrete – a stylish element of interior decoration

Decorative concrete for the walls is a decoration that will add character to any room. As an element of interior design, it is very versatile, and at the same time it looks extremely elegant. Ideally suited especially in industrial style. Its simplicity is an intriguing background for metal and wooden furniture, characteristic of the loft climate. Decorative concrete is also a stylish addition to minimalist interiors, dominated by subdued colors. Located on the wall in the living room or in the bedroom, it will give the room a modern look. Decorative concrete is also an interesting element of kitchen décor, enabling the creation of many interesting arrangements. Modern Concrete offers a wide range of colors of concrete slabs in several variants. .

Decorative concrete – advantages

Decorative concrete is not only a spectacular appearance, but also excellent quality. Modern Concrete uses the latest technology and specialist knowledge in the production process. Our decorative concrete has a number of advantages, among which its strength deserves special attention. As it is made of high-quality cement, it is very durable and does not give in to scratches. 

The basic advantages of decorative / decorative concrete include:

  • Exceptional durability and strength – decorative concrete on the wall is an investment for years;
  • Resistance to external factors – it is not afraid of high temperatures,
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance – decorative concrete for the wall is enough to regularly clean with a cloth and impregnate;
  • Simplicity of assembly – does not require many cuts or drilling;

Product Details

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