Bathroom interior design trends 2017

Not so long ago we said good bye to the 2016 and now are all excited to welcome the New Year 2017. If you plan to renovate your bathroom this year keep reading – here are the biggest hits in bathroom interior design for 2017!

Timeless classics with modern accents in bathroom design 2017

If you are, like most of us here in Ireland, in love with the vintage style in interior design you should jump with excitement now – vintage is still trendy in 2017.

However, thanks to modern solutions your classic bathroom can now be more practical and easier to maintain.


Modern simplicity is a popular bathroom interior design choice

On the other hand, a modern minimalist bathroom design is quickly becoming another big thing in 2017. Make sure you plan the design carefully to avoid the trap of constantly adding new accessories to the space. Minimalist design is exactly what it suggest: in this bathroom design style less is more.

The challenge however is to use simplicity and minimalism without creating an icy cold and emotionless space in your house. At the end of the day a relaxing bath is one of the quickest way to de-stress and rewind after a hard day at work, so your bathroom design must be cosy and welcoming.

The key to achieving that balance is wood. Wooden furniture or wood effect tiles are great solutions. Note, that the porcelain tiles imitating wood are much more practical and safer than natural wooden floor or laminated flooring. Remember that the floor is exposed to high levels of moisture and dampness in bathrooms. Bathroom floor tiles can perfectly imitate natural wood but at the same time they prevent you from slipping on them. Always make sure you look for tiles with the anti-slip surface solutions for bathrooms.


2 in 1: modern and vintage bathroom design combined

If you want to take your bathroom design to the next level try modern minimalist design with vintage accents. Does it sound impossible? Think again! Carefully selected vintage style furniture can do the trick for you. Plain white, concrete effect or beige colour bathroom tiles together with glass and modern lighting accessories can create a perfect base for vintage inspired furniture and accessories.


 Bathroom interior design 2017: best colours

Neutral colours and pastels are hot this year. Grey, bronzes and white are the most popular colours for bathrooms in 2017. Combination of these colours can work very well too. Try to add some warmth to grey and white if you choose them to be the lead colours. Again – wood and wood effect flooring, furniture or accessories can be helpful.

 minimalist-bathroom-interior-design-2017-best-tiles concrete-effect-tiles-and-wood-bathroom-design-trends-2017


Adding shiny black or glass accents can make the interior design of the bathroom a little bit more interesting. Silver and metal accessories are best for modern style design while gold or bronze colour accessories are preferred if you want to go for a vintage style bathroom. Stone or wood décor are also a popular choice among interior designers in 2017.

floor-tiles-bathroom-tilia-mist-3d-wood-effect vintage-bathroom-wood-effect-tiles-trends-2017

Bathroom floor trends

Concrete and wood effect tiles are the best choice. They are not only practical but can be easily incorporated in both vintage and modern style bathroom design. Wood effect tiles come in many shades and styles and can be also used on the walls. Concrete effect tiles are great in a bathroom where white and wood effect elements are used. Wooden elements are best for adding warmth to the bathroom and balance the ‘cold feel’ of concrete patterns. Make sure you choose porcelain floor tiles that are good quality and will last long. Non slip tiles are simply a must for safety reasons!

deco-stones-cork-bathroom-tiles-wood-effect concrete-effect-floor-tiles-bathroom-design-trends-2017

Stone and brick cladding in bathroom interior design

Stone and brick cladding are here to stay, the bathroom design is no exception! It is important to ensure the stone or brick cladding of your choice are suitable for use in a bathroom and are protected from damp and excessive moisture by special sealing products. Note that stone and brick cladding slips are not recommended for use in a shower area.

Wood effect floor tiles are ideal match for brick and stone cladding! Thanks to this combination you can easily achieve a cosy but classic look of the bathroom. Stone or brick feature walls can also be a great idea in modern spaces. Again, in this case simplicity is the key. Make sure you do not overdo the design with a lot of accessories or wall décor. Instead, let the feature wall do the job.

brick-cladding-bathroom-wall-ideas-2017 stone-cladding-interior-design-2017-best-ideas


Which bathroom design style do you prefer, modern minimalism or classic vintage? Let us know!


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