Bathroom Tiles Trends in 2018

Bathroom Tiles Trends in 2018

Choosing the tiles for your bathroom renovation project is not so easy anymore, there is so much variety in design, shape, color, and texture that it can be overwhelming. Tiles were made mainly for their functional advantages which include water resistance, durability, and low maintenance a few years ago, but today their aesthetic impact is just as significant as their functions. For this reason, manufacturers have expanded their choices to offer genuinely unique styles to homeowners. In this article, we have identified the best bathroom tiles trends 2018 that should make Ireland stand still. They focus on surfaces, colors, shapes, and patterns.

1. Garnish your bathroom floors with wooden planks

Wooden planks are beginning to bloom in the market. Non-traditional tile sizes have been popular for some time. The standard width is 6″, but the lengths vary from 12-48″ long, making it possible to create ornamental patterns like woodpeckers. While realistic wood grained porcelain tiles such as oak, maple, and cherry are more common; the market is blessed with whitewashed, distressed or withered designs. Porcelain wood-effect tiles are perfect for your bathrooms because they provide greater resistance to stains and water without giving its original beauty.

wood effect tiles for bathroom white brick and wood effect tiles in bathroomwood-effect tiles  white and wood effect tiles for bathroom wood effect tiles in bathroom


2. Matte finish tile is maintaining its stand

Little wonder that the matte finish tiles are found on the list of the bathroom tiles trends 2018, it continues to grow in its popularity in the New Year. Matte finish tiles present a tender, soft but powerful beauty. The advantage matt mosaics have over bright mosaics is that they are resistant to stains and water marks. This makes them ideal for the bathroom floor, especially in busy bathrooms. The dim light facilitates maintenance.
Shiny tiles have a more dramatic effect in the bathroom. They tend to create an elegant and polished appearance. That’s why they are always popular. They are particularly well suited to small bathrooms because they tend to reflect a lot of light and create the perception of a larger space than it seems. However, since they require more care and can easily cause to slip, high-gloss tiles are often used on the walls or on the floor surfaces of the low-traffic bathrooms.

If you are looking for unobtrusive elegance with unspoken sophistication, opt for matte tiles. They are also perfect if you want an earthy style in your bathroom. But what you are looking for is a bit more dramatic, and the glossy finish tiles should be your pick.

neutral colour matt floor tiles grey neutral tone porcelain tiles bathroom dark grey tiles  wood look tiles

3. Nude neutral colours

Neutral colors are used for contemporary designs, and this is why we won’t question it for being on the list of the bathroom walls trends 2018. Bright colors like blue, red and yellow are not common in the bathroom and might not rise into the trend anytime soon. On the other hand, bathroom owners fall in love with neutral and above all nude neutrals such as gray, beige and cream. Gray and Beige have become very popular as complementary nude neutrals. To be precise, be on the lookout for the rush of the hour which shaking product selection right now, “Greige.”
For Cork and Dublin bathrooms that need a little more shine, white is perfect. The bathroom is designed to relax, and these colors enhance this atmosphere. By being neutral, they allow the mind to stay calm and relax by creating a sanctuary at home. You can use these colors from floor to ceiling. To ensure that the bathroom does not become lifeless, apply different shades of neutral colors, textures, shapes and/or surfaces to combine everything in a new and charming way.


neutral colour bathroom design cream bathroom tiles neutral tone tilesmosaic plaster in the bathroomwood effect tiles in bathroom

4. The pizazz of subway tiles

The white subway tiles rectangle (3 x 6”) is ranked high in the bathroom trends 2018. Subway tiles will be a little more interesting as the chips move away from the traditional size and pattern. In particular, we will see these mosaics offered in more colors, larger sizes, and typical design patterns. Combined with a contrasting grout color, it sets up the scene for a wonderful overall look of your bathroom. You can even combine different colors of the subway tiles in vertical or horizontal stripes or combine different tiles with patterns to create a charming wall mosaic for your bathroom.

subway style tiles in bathroom subway tiles on a wall

5. Geometric Tiles

Manufacturers are also playing around with shapes, indicating that not only forms and colours are essential. The 2018 bathroom tiles trend range from the traditional rectangle to a variety of other geometric shapes. One particular form that has surfaced lately is the hexagon. Hexagonal tiles return to the bathroom in all sizes, colors, and textures, especially on the shower floors, where they create a unique, and aesthetic look for your bathroom.
Geometric tiles can be used on a large scale (all walls or entire floors) to create a tone for the bathroom or can be used on an accent wall to create a strong fulcrum from the rest of the bathroom. In smaller bathrooms, they help to improve the perception of space, especially in combination with neutral colors. In large bathrooms, they create brilliant accents in areas such as the spa area or make-up station.

geometric wall and floor tiles grey geometric wall and floor tiles  geometric tiles in bathroom design geometric wall tile in bathroom

6. Textural Finishes

Add color depth, variation and texture to your bathroom by incorporating textured field tiles. Depending on the material used, the finish applied and the desired color, textures may appear subtle or pronounced.
3D dimensional mosaics can inspire almost everything from a feeling to an object or a place. But when all is said and done, it is generally considered a work of art. This category comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles that can be combined in endless combinations for a one of a kind bathroom space.

mosaic red and white tiles mosaic blue and white tiles mosaic black and white tiles  mosaic black and white tiles  mosaic black and white tiles for bathroom    red featured tiles white featured tiles black featured tiles

mosaic tiles for bathroom blue and white mosaic tiles for bathroom red, white and black featured tiles for bathrooms


Because there are a million and one variety of bathroom tiles, choosing the right tile for your bathroom can be a challenge. You have to wade through an array of colours, designs, size, shape and even the materials itself. Fortunately, this article should help you make your choice in selecting the best kind of bathroom tile that will keep you safe, remain elegant and give your bathroom the taste you seek.

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