Beautiful Combination of Wood Look and Grey Tiles for your Bathroom

Beautiful Combination of Wood Look and Grey Tiles for your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most essential spaces in your home. It receives a lot of foot traffic, and buyers and sellers both care about what the room looks like. The more beautiful and updated it is the better. The dilemma is that there are many design options and trends out there to choose from, so you may be at a standstill about how to proceed.
One idea you may want to consider is using a combination of wood look tiles and grey tiles for your bathroom. It’s an instant way to draw the right kind of attention to this space and create an original and stunning environment for getting ready each day.

Benefits of Wood Look Tiles

Wood effect tiles are an excellent choice for your flooring if you’re looking for the finish of wood, without the maintenance. They’re durable, won’t scratch, have a long lifespan, and are the perfect material for dealing with the issues of water and heating. Since they’re water-proof, they won’t warp over time. They don’t fade or darken over time like natural wood, and if you find a broken tile, they’re typically easy to replace. You don’t have to worry about slipping or falling when using wood look tiles in your bathroom, either.

Why Wood Look Tiles & Grey Tiles

The combination of wood look tiles and grey tiles in your bathroom is a timeless choice. Grey helps to create a sense of calm, which is how the bathroom should feel. It’s not only a stylish option but also practical. When you combine grey with wood look tiles, you’re creating a gorgeous atmosphere that will give your bathroom the facelift it needs to appear elegant and sophisticated. You can add texture to any space using wood look tiles, but the contrast between that and sleek plumbing fixtures makes it especially effective in a bathroom remodel.
Porcelain wood tiles give you the look of natural hardwood but require significantly less ongoing maintenance than real wood. A natural look that wood effect tiles give off will never go out of style. The dimensions of the tiles allow for creative installation patterns that add even more character to the space.


Advantages of this Combination & Shopping with Us

The combination of wood look tiles and grey tiles for your bathroom will ensure that your space is modern and attractive. You can choose from ceramic, porcelain large, and small format with mosaic and featured tiles in a matte and gloss finish.

You know you’re getting high-quality when choosing bathroom tiles from our Deco Stones collection. We take into account several factors. First, anti-slip technology and ratings, and we strive to stock only floor tiles that have R10 or higher rate. We understand thickness and abrasion resistance is important for product durability, and we have these options readily available. Finally, when it comes to design, we offer a large selection of gloss and matte, classic and original modern tile designs that are carefully chosen according to Irish customers’ taste and current interior design trends.

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