Why you should choose a Stone Veneer wall cladding for your home ?

Why you should choose a Stone Veneer wall cladding for your home ?

Stone wall cladding is one of the most popular method of decorating a wall or fireplace. In this article, we are going to answer why you should use stone veneer in your home.

1. Cost-effective

cost-effective stone, wall claddingOf course, when you are looking for a new addition to your fireplace, the price will always be a significant consideration. And compared to a stone fireplace, the reality is that wall cladding is a lot less expensive. However, don’t assume that because they are cheaper, the stone cladding is poor quality – far from it, in fact. Our veneer stone tiles are of exceptional quality, and the higher price for real stone is often down to the fact it costs more to produce and deliver.


2. Affordable and easy to install

easy to install stoneThe beauty of faux stone tiles is that it is incredibly easy to install. This means that not only will you be saving money on the production and delivery of your heat-resistant tiles, but also the installation. The labour costs involved are far less than it is with real stone, which often requires a skilled professional. With stone cladding, it might even be possible for you to take the DIY route.


3. Lightweight wall cladding

Lightweight stone cladding
The lightweight design of stone veneer offers a range of different benefits. They are thinner, of course, and therefore weigh less than real stone, also taking up less space. And the accessible weight also means that they will be much easier for amateur decorators and DIY enthusiasts to fit themselves.


4. Safe for fireplace

stone for fireplace, wall claddingMany people – quite mistakenly – believe stone veneer tiles are more susceptible to heat problems than real stone. It’s easy to see why this misconception exists, but let’s be clear – it is a misconception. Our stone veneer tiles are entirely heat resistant, offering you all the safety of a real stone fire.


5.Aesthetics and beauty wall cladding

large selection of stone, wall claddingFinally, there are an incredible array of incredible designs that you can get in stone veneer for your fireplace. There are barely any restrictions, and so many ways of arranging your tiles that you can create a unique fireplace. If you are worried people will twig onto the fact you have a veneer fireplace, don’t! The reality is that these days, with modern innovation and manufacturing techniques, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between real stone and veneer. As long as you choose a good quality stone, and fit the tiles properly – or let a professional do it for you – no one with an untrained eye will be able to tell the difference.

stone veneer why


As you can see, there are some compelling reasons to choose veneer tiles over real stone when it comes to decorating your fireplace. It’s not just a case of being cheaper, either. If you would like to know more about any of these veneer fireplace benefits or would like some advice on suitable products for your home, please don hesitate to get in touch!

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