3 Ideas for Beautiful and Timeless Marble Bathrooms

A bathroom with marble is an idea for a beautiful and timeless interior that can be decorated in any style. Marbled-looking tiles work great with wood, natural stone, matte black or shiny gold to create striking bathroom arrangements no matter what theme you're going for. Today we would like to show you 3 incredible ideas for a beautiful and timeless marble bathrooms. 

Marble - what is it?

Marble is an insane mixture of elegance, refinement, and timelessness. A bathroom with marble isn't just a trendy design choice; this material lasts forever. Whether you're looking for something traditional, modern, or somewhere in between - there's something here for everyone. Plus, the tiles which mimic this natural stone come in different patterns within each collection. The end result looks organic - even if you choose to go all out with bright colors!

Bathroom with Glamour Style - White Marble, Wood and Gold

Glorious glamour style bathrooms are a tasteful mix of alluring shapes, eye-catching materials and ornate details. To bring such a bathroom to life one needs to start at the bottom up—and what better material than marble? Carrara Chic tiles (30x90cm) will do wonders when it comes to bringing an elegant sense of sophistication throughout the room. They mimic Carrara marble with its classic gray hue; but due to its glossy surface the floor appears even more enchanting. A decorative tile with a stone pattern adorned with Hungarian herringbone structure is also part of this collection; making it truly irresistible!

Carrara Chic

Bold Black and White Marriages

Those looking for striking and bold solutions will be impressed by Desert Wind tiles (available in sizes: 120x60cm, 80x80cm and 60x60cm). Their design is a combination of a deep black background with contrasting geometric grooves in white and copper. Tiles with a modern black marble pattern will phenomenally present themselves in various compilations. Both in combination with white marble and wood-like stoneware, matte black surfaces contrasted against shiny brass offer elegant designs.

Desert Wind

Marble and Wood - The Ideal Combination for a Minimalist-Styled Bathroom

Marble is treasured for its natural beauty and timeless character. And though it blends beautifully with many different materials, including wood—which creates an airy atmosphere in bathrooms when paired with this cool stone material—wood has the power to warm marble surfaces with a delightful warmth. You can find inspiration for these colors in Grey Blanket tile (30x90cm) which features delicate white beading inspired by gray marble.

Grey Blanket

Marble remains one of the most popular materials for home decorating due to its timeless elegance. Tile with a marble pattern is an excellent way to design bathrooms that will remain desirable and impressive over time.

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