3 Ideas for Stylish Interiors and Wood Effect Tiles

Wood has always been one of the most popular finishes for centuries. When looking for alternatives to natural raw materials, it is worth seeking out solutions that offer a unique aesthetic along with its functional properties. Wood effect tiles can be used in many different style home settings - from Scandinavian to Boho or even contemporary settings such as New York style.

Wood is a resourceful material with undeniable aesthetic and functional benefits. As a natural product, it brings an unpretentious beauty to the arrangement. It adds nobility and coziness to interiors. When caring for the environment, we're always looking for ways to turn inspiration right from nature's world right into our surroundings - but without depleting its resources. Wood effect tiles are the perfect solution because they combine the uniqueness of wood while still maintaining its utility and durability.

Wood effect tiles from Deco Stones offer you an effectively capture how real life wooden planks look like in regards to color, grain and architecture all while being available in different sizes based on how big or small you need them to be (perfect if you've got limited space). With all these things being said, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that these provide excellent decorating solutions within home environments!

Wood effect tiles

Boho style home décor - relaxed and eclectic

It’s characterized by natural lightness and stylish simplicity. Macramé, made of twine or wicker, rattan furnishings, bamboo lamps, pottery vessels in earthy tones – everything is an integral part of this bohemian design aesthetic. Bright colors take center stage – you’ll need some lush green plants for the interior decorating scheme! Their bold greenery contrasts nicely with deep wooden surfaces such as hardwood tiles from the Passion Oak Natural Collection. A drawing of noble oak and the soothing wavy structure will give your space character. These details only make them more striking in relation to airy white walls and natural fabrics for curtains – nothing says boho chic like distinctive textures mixed together!

Wood effect tiles

Scandinavian Style - cozy simplicity in bright colors

The timelessness of Scandinavian design lies in its simplicity. White and gray color schemes never go out of style! Designers find these hues most pleasing because they're versatile, adaptable, modern, and simple. Our Natural Ash Tiles are strikingly simple yet classic at the same time. With a warm beige color and delicate grained appearance, these tiles look sensational when combined with a Nordic-inspired home décor theme - especially one filled with light thanks to large windows. As if that wasn't enough, these tiles also come equipped with anti-slip protection so you can use them anywhere in your home without worry!

Wood Effect tiles

Unconventional New York Style

Elegant, classic and also somewhat eclectic. Such is the interior style native to the American metropolis. Here it is the space and the combination of trends that count, so classics can easily be mixed with Art Deco or Glamour styles. The main role here is played by subdued colors and noble materials: a living room wall finished with stone-patterned porcelain stoneware tiles from the Stonington collection will be an original decoration for a New York inspired living room. The pattern of chiseled rock on a large surface will give an outstanding effect—which is best contrasted against wood. The floor of Grand Wood Rustic Mocca tiles in a deep shade of roasted coffee will add class and elegance to this rustic design piece; while its clear drawing with visible wood grains and subtle rubbing make this ensemble timeless.

Wood Effect tiles

Wood Effect Tiles for the Whole House

Tiles inspired by the aesthetics of wood are sensational in all rooms. They can be used in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or even in the dressing room or study. They're durable and resistant to everyday wear and tear - perfect for adding some character to your space! Plus they faithfully reflect their natural beauty while reflecting whatever décor you want - from classically timeless designs like herringbone patterns to trendy brick design templates! There's always something new to try out with these versatile beauties on hand.

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