A Few Reasons Why You'll Love Natural Stone

Fashionable interior design has grown to include stone cladding as an important part of creating a unique space. Natural stone tiles come in many different sizes and styles, including flamed, brushed, and hones finishes. But decorative stones can also be found in quartzite and slate formats, adding elegance to the room for those who want something more classic or rustic looking. Slate is a type of rock that is quite popular because it both looks great aesthetically and provides resilience against harsher weather conditions.

Quartz tiles owe their name to their exceptionally hard composition. Quartz is the most common mineral in Earth's crust and is a component of many silica-rich igneous rocks such as granite, granodiorite, pegmatite etc., but also sedimentary rocks such as sands, gravels, sandstones, conglomerates and even metamorphic rocks such as gneisses, schist or quartzites.
It would be easy enough for anyone to understand the beauty of these natural materials - they're part of the very fabric of our planet so why wouldn't we want them at home? Not only do they bring all sorts of beautiful colors into our design space but they also have plenty of benefits when used around us. For starters, here are three important ones.

1. Unique and Timeless

Natural stone deposits are rich in color - depending on the area mined, individual panels may appear white (Bianco), brownish ivory (Ivory), silver grey metallic (Argento) or blackened graphite (Grey). The many different textures of natural stone allow for an array of designs- no other material captures the essence of nature better than natural stone. Because it's timeless in appearance, it blends well with modernist, classic or rustic design schemes; whether they're used indoors or out. It doesn't matter which style you choose to decorate your home- adding stone will give it a sense of charm without too much extravagance.
Argento Stone

2. Versatile

Quartzite is used interchangeably with granite because they can both be used in interior spaces where there are high levels of moisture and heat (the bathroom or the kitchen). Natural stones conduct heat very well, which means they're excellent materials for fireplaces because when you turn them off, all that stored up warmth stays behind for a long time. Commercial quartzite tiles are an ideal solution for building a fireplace wall because it will absorb all the heat from the fire and then slowly release it back into the room around it for hours after.


3. Resistant and Durable

Natural stone is resistant to the effects of time. Natural stone tiles are a reliable material which serves us for many years. When used decoratively, they are both strong enough to serve as a facade slate or cladding for fences while being lightweight enough to be used on an interior wall - providing needed protection from abrasion and scratching. In corners where there is likely to be contact with heavy items, we find that decorative panels resist crumbling, allowing them to maintain their integrity and protect against contamination.



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