Brick Cladding for Office Décor

A company office should be an ergonomic place, comfortable to work at. It’s also a place of meetings with clients, which is why it should be aesthetic and representative. How to stress its unique character? Brick tiles are here to help. See why they’re a good choice.

What will you learn?

  • How to create a space conducive to a nice conversation
  • What spaces brick tiles are suitable for
  • What they go well with

Brick tiles – 3 reasons why they’re suitable for an office

A company office is a place where the manager and the employees should feel good. It means that the space should be designed in an ergonomic way, which ensures work efficiency, but also should have an aesthetic finish, so that the people feel good in there. Cookie-cutter office décor, bland colors and lack of accessories can be depressing.

How to enliven your office space?

Brick tiles offer a solution. Their timeless style and functional use perfectly meet the needs of modern offices.

Why? Here are 3 main reasons:


Brick tiles installed on a wall are an innovative way to finish office space. From the client’s point of view, it’s a huge plus, because they’re sure to make a positive first impression on them.


Brick-imitating tiles are available in many kinds: gypsum, concrete and decorative tiles. This means that you can select them based on your individual needs, taking into account their function, look and price.


It’s just nicer to work in a lively space. Grey or dark walls aren’t really energetic. It’s quite the opposite for the intensely red ones that you can use in the reception, hall or manager’s office.

Brick Claddinf for office decor

What spaces brick tiles are suitable for?

The brick trend is timeless. It stems from the fact that brick buildings are synonymous with durability. Compared to other finishing materials, for example plaster or wallpaper, brick seems to be a far more solid material. The perfect example is the Manufaktura Shopping Gallery in Łódź, which constitutes the beating heart of the city.

Okay, so now that we know that brick is worth our attention, we should ask what spaces it’s suitable for.

It’s quite obvious that brick will blend perfectly into industrial and loft spaces. Due to their huge color variety, brick tiles can also be adjusted to modern, scandi or minimalist spaces.

How to emphasize their look?

This kind of wall finish already enlivens the space. But it’s not the end of the office revolution. The characteristic brick look goes well with certain additions. What additions?

Take a look below:

  • Brick tiles + wood – timeless combination, goes well with rustic design.
  • Concrete + brick tiles – excellent mix for industrial and loft interiors.
  • Brick tiles + ceramic tiles – perfect for finishing bathrooms, kitchens and retro style rooms.


If you’re planning to arrange a unique office, brick tiles have you covered. They’ll transform your space into a strong bargaining chip for visual identification of your company, which will ensure its success.

Brick cladding for the office

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