Deco Stones becomes the new official distributor of CEKOL in Ireland!

We are proud to announce that Deco Stones is now an official distributor of CEKOL in Ireland! As a distributor, we have the responsibility to promote, distribute and provide technical assistance for all CEKOL brand products.  

The history of the Cekol company began in 1991 with the production of one of the first professional adhesive mortars on the Polish market, and only 2 years later the production of Biała Masa Szpachlowa Cekol C-45 [White Joint Filler] began; it soon became a real market hit and gained great popularity among customers. It was from the name of this product that the adjective “cekolowanie” (skimming) began to be used for smoothing and levelling the walls. Thanks to the popularity and success of Cekol C-45, the company and the brand Cekol was able to develop, introduce new products, and improve production.

Currently, Cekol offers over 70 different types of products, which constitute a comprehensive solution for the construction industry—adhesive mortars, finishes, plasters, gypsum putty, masonry mortars, plastering mortars, screeds and floors, as well as soils. The Company manufactures products based on its own recipes, developed by high-class specialists and on the basis of the highest quality raw materials and additives. In their activity and in the production of materials, their focus on the quality of our products, so that the products are reliable and always associated with the guarantee of the highest quality.

Cekol products are manufactured in 3 modern plants located in Poland, i.e. in Gdańsk, at the company’s headquarters, in Stawiguda, and in Bełchatów. The quality of the products is controlled in perfectly equipped research laboratories located at each of the plants and by the central laboratory in Gdańsk. Cekol means professional construction chemicals of the highest quality. Cekol is a very strong and recognizable brand in Poland, known both by people professionally engaged in renovations and interior finishing, as well as by individual customers.

The recognition and knowledge of the brand is confirmed by winning several rankings, e.g. Customer Laurel and Building Brand of the Year in the category of products for levelling and smoothing walls. The ambassadors of the Cekol brand have been famous sportsmen, supporting promotional and advertising activities of Cekol products, who have showed that it is a very professional and strong brand.

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