Design of the Week: Modern Industrial Design Style

Industrial style has found its way into interior trends for good. Loft spaces mix history with modernity. Once the result of poverty, today synonymous with taste and luxury. One huge advantage of this style is the ability to make individual changes; whether you want an overall look that mixes everything perfectly together or one where you go bolder by adding your own handpicked pieces (to create a personalized arrangement) or choose to go against grain by mixing in some striking color combinations, industrial-style gives you options galore!

Features of Industrial Design:

Among the most notable characteristics of industrial design, we can include:

  • space - wide open and uncluttered indoor-outdoor rooms
  • colors - white with touches of iron gray, polished copper, charcoal black and steel blue
  • large windows - uncovered by curtains or blinds
  • materials - concrete, metal and glass.
  • lamps - prominently featured throughout the home (including all levels) made from dark metal frames, such as those constructed from wrought iron.
  • furniture - plentiful in size for larger families with an emphasis on being durable rather than fragile; likely wood pieces will be oak but some may be crafted out of metal bars or beams
  • accessories - low key/in small quantities; featuring a single large antique object such as a vintage bike hanging from its handlebars over an oversized armchair

In addition to standard solutions such as white plaster or raw brick, there are also architectural tiles on the market that perfectly match the industrial style, impressing with monochrome colors and intricate design. Architectural tiles made of concrete can be used not only to decorate a statement wall (that is, a wall which becomes the focal point of a room through its color or texture), but also exterior walls - particularly those in modern designs.

Concrete Slabs

Hunting after an amazing accent wall feature? You can find architectural concrete at Deco Stones! The large size, minimalist finish and raw look with characteristic pits make the product ideal for industrial style. It will play wonderfully in high, open spaces, as well as on a facade - especially on large facade areas.

Concrete slabs work well not only surrounded by minimalistic elements like glass, metal or wood. If you're feeling really daring, you could also contrast your concrete with bold colors such as elegant bottle green, deep navy blue or even intense pink! This striking combination could be brought to life through furniture items such as couches or chairs; or through upholstered panels that break up all of that austere-looking concrete.

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