An ideal apartment décor is a balance of style, beauty and functionality. How to achieve this? The color of your walls could play an integral role in it all. Often times people tend to go with white; which has proven to make your room feel more open, brighten up the place and even improve well-being - especially when you're living in a small space.

The concern with choosing pure white colors may be that stark whites all over can give the room a dull, simple and uninteresting feel. Adding character to the all-white scheme is imperative to spruce up this uninventive canvas; so what options do we have?

Parma White - the classic bricks in different shapes

Parma brick is a beautiful white tile with a timeless and elegant finish. With such simple installation, it's possible for everyone to enjoy this style at home. This product will complement your other surfaces - whether they are light or dark - and the simplicity of the design means you can use them on nearly any surface you choose. 


If you're looking for a finishing touch to make your space unique and elegant, Parma White brick is the perfect choice. You'll love how it compliments other colors with its bright white color and contrasting appeal. The sleek finish also complements natural materials such as wood, metal or stone accents for a sophisticated style. With an installation process that's fast and easy for anyone to handle, these bricks are sure to please!

Palermo White - geometric wall

Through its durable yet classic design, Palermo White has a timelessly elegant character which reflects in its delicate hue. This hue can be used both indoors and outdoors due to its unique properties that allow it to withstand various weather conditions while retaining its quality as opposed to most other stones.

Palermo White

What's more is that this shade blends seamlessly with different surfaces such as metal or natural wood making it ideal for intricate designs thanks to its irregular three dimensional structure reminiscent of natural stone.

Vintage White - brick with a soft, round shape

Vintage White bricks in the interior provide a warm, cozy atmosphere thanks to their timeless appearance. Interior designers willingly use the aesthetics of this material, complementing it with toned-down natural accessories or expressive colorful finishes. The cladding which reflects the charm of real bricks is a perfect idea to give your walls expressiveness and texture.

Vintage White

Would you like this brick for your home? It's easy to work with as well! Just add some flair and personality to any room using its unique design inspirations. Lay down some long lasting memories using high quality material right at home!

Natural Bianco -  elegance and style

Bianco is an offer for fans of original, exclusive finishes. Deco Stones Bianco is made from marble and has a natural grey hue which glistens when exposed to light thanks to rare mineral flecks that are beige, white, or silver in color. When cut into thin strips, this exceptional variety will make an exquisite decoration for brightly lit spaces. 


Natural Bianco stone contrasts beautifully with dark wooden surfaces and seamless polished concrete walls. Installing this unprocessed material in your home comes with many benefits besides its amazing visual appeal; the foremost being longevity.

Ready to design with our white stone and brick cladding?

There’s a lot you can do with your walls—all it takes is just a little bit of imagination and creativity!

Want to spruce up your home? Get in touch with one of our Deco Stones experts if you want to make your home look amazing :)

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