Get Inspired with a Brick Bedroom

Those who desire an industrial flair within their bedroom interiors are increasingly relying on brick walls as the perfect solution. To achieve this decorative feature, one may choose between the use of actual brick, or else artificial brick tiles. Additionally, one can go for a classic red brick color, or perhaps opt to have it painted in a shade which blends into the rest of the decor. White brick is often a popular choice. These kinds of arrangements have the capacity to lend a room a certain Scandinavian style. This article will teach readers how to implement a brick wall in their bedrooms, as well as which styles and effects this kind of feature can produce.

How will a brick wall affect the ambience of a space?

A mere dozen years ago, the iconic red clinker bricks were mainly seen on the exterior of buildings. Now, this same style is making its way into the interiors of homes and commercial spaces, bringing with it a distinct and luxurious aesthetic. We are now seeing the incorporation of this design feature into bedroom designs of private residences as well as hotels.

Are you fond of modern interiors with the look of old-style factory lofts? If so, then installing a brick wall in your bedroom would be an excellent decision. Combining a brick wall with raw wood - mahogany, oak, or walnut - and a few metal touches of gold, copper, or iron will make the room modern, industrial, and stylish. This kind of bedroom decoration looks especially great in spacious and airy areas with large windows.

However, this is just one of many possible design solutions using this motif. A bedroom with a brick wall can be very cozy and pleasant. White brick refers to the Scandinavian style, which, although through the combination of light, cool colors, may seem austere, is in fact very cozy, warm, and inviting.

When arranging the interior, it is worth considering its purpose. The bedroom should be a place of relaxation, a peaceful night's rest, where you feel safe and can relax. As a rule, it is better to avoid distracting elements. Thus, a good solution is to position the bed so that its head is next to the wall. This way, when you lay down to sleep, the wall will not be a distraction.

Brick Wall

Brick in the bedroom - ideas and inspiration. What style should you finish the room in?

Despite being commonly seen in industrial settings, bedroom wall brick doesn't have to be confined to one style. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Combine brick with earthy tones and flowery designs

Natural red brick offers a pleasant complement to the calming hues of nature. By utilizing a combination of brick, wood, and green within your bedroom, you will create an environment of tranquility and contentment. Moreover, green flowers can further bolster your mental well-being, promoting relaxation and balance. Furthermore, plants have the added bonus of aiding in the purification of the air, which is a valuable resource, especially in densely populated areas.

  • Utilize brick to create a maritime atmosphere

You can choose nautical accessories for a brick wall in the bedroom. What does this mean? Choose a bed with a white wooden cover and furniture hinting at it. The room finished in a nautical style will be dominated by white and blue or navy blue accessories. Think of white bedding and a bedspread made preferably of light, natural materials. If you like patterns, be sure to opt for white and blue stripes, such as on pillows.

  • Enhance a Scandinavian style with brick

Incorporating Scandinavian style into an interior space often resembles a nautical setting. White brick is the ideal companion to accentuate the pristine nature of the style. The combination of raw, almost dirty brick and bright, spotless white furniture, fabric, and décor creates a distinct, captivating atmosphere.

  • Make a loft-style room feel homey with brick

Incorporating the loft style, one can create an interior filled with muted shades such as grays and blacks. To embellish the room, furniture pieces made of metals such as copper, brass, gold, and steel, can be placed around the space. Furthermore, the bed area can be illuminated with a lamp with a bulb in full view. To complete the room, a brick wall can be painted white, black or gray, demonstrating minimalism and austerity.

Brick Wall

Is a brick wall in the bedroom a solution for you?

Although it may seem harsh and cool, in the right arrangement, it can be a perfect, fashionable, and stylish addition to the interior. Even if you don't have the opportunity to expose the natural wall, you can still create the look yourself by laying bricks-tiles on the wall, which you can find on our site.

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