How to Calculate the Amount of Tiles for the Floor?

The proper installation of porcelain tiles directly affects the aesthetics of your interior. Involving a professional team that will properly lay the tiles is one of the conditions, another is to get enough material. In today's article we'll tell you how to estimate or measure how much square meters needs tile coverage so you can make sure there are enough tiles for your surface area!

Tiles for the floor - it's worth knowing

Modern ceramic and porcelain tile floors are super durable and impressive, resistant to nearly any kind of stress. In the bathroom, kitchen, but also in the living room or hallways they make a perfect fit. A wide selection of different patterns and sizes allows you to find just the right match for your interior design preferences. Once we've settled on what kind of tile flooring we want to buy there is something very important that needs to happen: measuring them out correctly before purchase.

What would happen if we bought too many unusable tiles? They could sit around wasting space while costing us money because they can't be returned once they're opened. On the other hand what happens if we didn't buy enough tile after all this time spent calculating? It could mean running back out to find more tile because ours was sold out! The lesson here: always measure before buying!

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How do you calculate how many tiles are needed for the floor and walls?

Despite appearances, figuring out just how many tiles are needed isn't too hard. First of all, you need to measure the room well. We measure the length and width, and then multiply those values together. That gives us a total number of square meters we'll need in order to complete the flooring project. For example, if our bathroom or hallway measures 4 meters by 5 meters - we'll need 20 square meters worth of tiles to cover it up.

Tiles are often damaged when they're being cut- which can lead to wasted tiles. When you purchase tiles, you should always have enough in stock - which can vary depending on the size of your tiling project. One way to determine how much tile you'll need is by calculating the total square footage of your project and then adding 10%. For example, if you wanted to tile a bathroom that measures 20 square feet, you would want at least 21 squares of tile just in case one became damaged during cutting.

The same rules apply when calculating how many tiles are needed for walls; measuring its width multiplied by its height will yield this amount in square meters, plus an allowance (10%).

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Speak to our experts and order high quality tiles 

If you're considering placing an order, we will be happy to assist you in confirming the quantities required. Certain materials and designs may require ordering overages; no matter what your requirements are, we're ready to offer help selecting and ordering the perfect tiles for your project. You can check out our range of wall and floor tiles online or visit our showroom to see them in person.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service so please feel free to call one of our expert staff members if you need any help! Just give us a call on 021-4876894.

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