Sit in comfort! Armchairs for the living room. Traditional or modern?

In the living room you can relax after a long-long day and catch up with loved ones. The right furniture will allow you to spend these moments of relaxation in an inviting environment. Besides your sofa, armchairs—traditional or modern—will also do well for this purpose. How should one go about choosing them so that the interior has a balanced feel and meets your needs?

A carefully selected lounge chair becomes among the most important pieces of furniture in the living room, permitting you to relax comfortably. For it to not only fulfill its function as a lounge chair, but also beautifully decorate the inside, it ought to be matched with the rest of the design. 

A classic high-backed armchair for a Scandinavian living room

It's worth knowing that Scandinavian manufacturers sell really comfortable armchairs, but our Scandi-styled models also do not lack anything. If your living room is decorated in Scandinavian style, you can opt for an armchair on wooden legs: in a subdued color scheme, in keeping with the austere variety of the trend from the far North, or a vivid one that will gently warm up a cool Scandinavian interior.


In the first case, bet on upholstery in gray or graphite shade, which will create a perfect set with white furniture. A good choice will be a classic armchair with a high back, with clearly rounded edges and distinctive ears - the so-called earlobe chair. If the square footage of the room allows it, you can also match the armchair with a poufs in a similar color, which will make relaxation even more comfortable. 

Crazy forms and intriguing colors—classic chairs for the living room in retro style

Are you enthralled by the surrealistic 60s and want your living room arrangement to be consistent with this era? Match retro-style furniture with armchairs that are original in shape yet distinguished from one another via unique upholstery. 


A vintage armchair, but with a rather bold upholstery, will balance nicely against an interior designed in the vintages style; vivid colors, expressive ornamentation (such as pepito checkers), or botanical motifs. Your living room will become a living example of how retro design never goes out of fashion. 

A Modern Living Room

If you enjoy simple, yet sophisticated design and don't mind a little change, then there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right chair. When deciding what fits your living space best, try to look for an armchair that has some sort of uniqueness - such as an unusual shape or trendy color (such as bottle green) instead of going for something traditional. 


A comfy armchair for the living room? You'll find it here at Deco Stones

You've already found out which chair suits you best, and now it's time to start hunting around. Looking through our selection, we hope that some of these choices might inspire you. Among these suggestions you'll find the perfect armchair for your living room! You'll find every model mentioned here (plus dozens more) in our collection. Every one we make is designed with fashionable style, quality materials, and uncompromising comfort.

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