Upholstered Panels - A Great Idea for Decorating the Wall Behind Your Bed

The bedroom should bring to mind relax and rest, and it’s best to rest somewhere comfortable. This is why bedrooms usually feature soft and delicate fabrics. For the same reason, the trendy upholstered beds with tall headboards are a popular choice now.

But what can you do if you don’t have a headboard or have a wooden bed and want to cozy up your bedroom? That’s when upholstered panels come handy. They’re most commonly made of MDF board, foam and decorative fabric. They’re very easy to install with the use of a mounting adhesive or even non-invasively, by attaching them to the wall with velcros. 

Upholstered panels are usually used in bedrooms. It’s best to install them on the wall over the bed. They can then be used as a practical headrest. You can lean against them while reading, watching tv, eating breakfast or working on your laptop. They’ll protect the wall against damage and dirt. But above all, they’re a fashionable and beautiful interior decoration.

Why should you install upholstered panels on the wall over your bed?

  • You can choose any color, pattern or fabric for the upholstery – thus, you’ll create any interior design you fancy. Do you like creative mess? You can mix and match a few different fabric patterns. It’s a fantastic idea for a boho bedroom!
  • The panels can be installed in no time – all you need is one evening to completely transform your bedroom! You’ll easily install them on your own.
  • The panels will allow you to hide wall imperfections and defects – it’s especially important when you rent a flat or don't have the budget for a major renovation at the given moment.
  • Panels are a relatively cheap way to transform a bedroom. No need to prepare, skim coat the wall or put wallpaper.
  • They’re perfect for soundproofing the room. It’s especially important in the bedroom – the more so in an apartment block.

Upholstered Panels

How to choose the right upholstered panels for the bedroom?

Before purchasing the panels, think what you want your wall composition to look like. You have several options to choose from: panels only over the bed (they’ll just serve as a headboard), over the bed and nightstands (a long and narrow strip), or on an entire wall or at least most of it.

Which one to choose?

It depends on the size of your bedroom. The most popular and the most versatile solution are panels used as a tall headrest installed across the width of the bed. The height of the panel strip is usually 50-100 cm over the bed frame. Upholstered panels are usually square or rectangle. The square ones are most versatile. You can make a straight layout (they’ll look like a grid), a slightly shifted one (brick-like) or a diamond pattern. Rectangle panels are installed vertically or horizontally. It’s also increasingly common to see modules arranged in a herringbone or honeycomb pattern (hexagons).

Which layout is the best?

Everything depends on the style of your bedroom, your idea for its arrangement and dimensions of the panels. Remember that long vertical modules visually enlarge the room and raise the ceiling. Horizontal panels work the other way round.

Upholstered panels – what cooler to choose?

  • If you have a small bedroom, go for a plain, light color that won’t shrink your space visually. Beige or pigeon grey are also a good idea.
  • For a boho bedroom, choose green tones – bottle green, emerald, teal, sage or pistachio. If you prefer subdued tones, go for khaki.
  • Panels in deep dark blue, intense light blue, indigo or cobalt will be a great decoration for your bedroom. White and navy stripes as well as sandy panels go well with Hamptons and nautical-inspired styles.
  • Upholstered panels drawing from the yellow palette will allow you to lighten up the bedroom and add an optimistic twist to it. Try mustard or ochre coolers.
  • It’s best to avoid the palettes of orange and red – they have a stimulating effect, give energy, they’re not conducive to sleep and even increase appetite.
  • Pastels, including powder pink, dusty pink, mint or turquoise are a good choice for bedrooms. It’s important that they pastel tones are really light.
  • If you want to add a touch of glamour to your bedroom, choose black or graphite panels or make a black and white composition.

Upholstered Panels

The lovers of unique compositions and original solutions should take a look at decorative panels with patterned fabrics. What’s in right now? Ethnic and geometric patchworks of different kinds. You can also go for fashionable patterns inspired by the 60. and the 70. or the graphic style by installing panels with checks, stripes or other repetitive motifs.

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