Brick Fireplace Ideas For Your Home

Brick Fireplace Ideas For Your Home

Brick fireplaces can bring a seriously rustic and cosy look to just about any room in any home, but there is no one way to incorporate it into your decor. There are all kinds of brick and all kinds of design ideas so you can create something that suits your tastes perfectly.

However, incorporating real brick into your home can be a struggle. That’s why many people are now using heat resistant brick veneers and slips instead to achieve the look they are going for.

Here, let’s take a look at a few brick fireplace ideas for your home, as well as some tips that will help you to create one easily with our brick slips and veneers:

The Classic White Mantel

By pairing a natural brick fireplace with a classic white mantel, you can draw attention to your understated fireplace in a room that has pattern and colour. The brick in the fireplace will add a casual tone, too.

Wood And Brick

By pairing both wood and brick in your fireplace, you can create visual interest in your home decor. An outline of bricks around the fireplace will add earthy tones to your decor, and the natural colour of the bricks will also really help to enhance any wood in your room.

Different Coloured Bricks

Having different coloured bricks in your fireplace design can bring dimension to your fireplace. For instance, dark toned bricks paired with grey tones. This can also help to bring contrast to a room that is full of happy colours.

How Can You Create A Brick Fireplace Easily?

There’s no really easy way to add a brick fireplace to your home unless you’re planning on spending a lot of money.

However, you could potentially make something that looks just as good by adding a fireplace that does not use fire (no need for a chimney), and surrounding it with veneer brick tiles. Veneer brick tiles are made of high quality concrete and plasters.

You can find these veneers in different designs and colour options, and the tiles are extremely lightweight. Plus, they are super simple to install! You don’t just have to use the veneers on your fireplace, either – they can be used to create feature walls and accents on your interior, as well as used on the exterior of your home to add more interest and curb appeal.

Reclaimed Brick Slips are cut from natural full bricks which comes from buildings build in XVIII centuries. They can be installed on plasterboard walls and on most sound surfaces, so they can be suitable for many home DIY projects where you want to add that earthy, rustic feel.

Many modern interior designs contain brick slips and veneers of some kind, as they are super easy to install and will look like they were always meant to be there. They are heat resistant, very thin, and there are a large selection of colours that you can choose from. What more reason do you need to include them in your unique fireplace design?

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