How to choose right tiles for a small bathroom

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How to choose right tiles for a small bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. This room is often a place to relax and escape the cares of the day. A well decorated bath can create a much needed sense of calmness. It can also increase the resale value of the home. Each element should work together in true harmony. In a smaller area, the use of tiles are particularly crucial. Tiles will set the stage for everything else in the room. Today’s homeowners have many tile choices. For a relatively smaller space, it’s a good idea to think about several factors before starting the search for the right price bathroom tiles.

The Size of the Tiles

BATHROOM TILES 2018Tiles come in many shapes and sizes. Large format bathroom tiles, for example, can help any room feel larger. Large format bathroom tiles can be used even in a smaller place to help create a sense of drama the second the user steps inside. This is great way to start out with a blank canvas that looks very modern and has a strong contemporary feel to it. Smaller porcelain tiles can also be used to great effect in the same space. A series of smaller porcelain tiles can be paired with larger tiles to give the feel of movement to the user. Varied tile sizes can also help create interest in a room that might otherwise feel bland and lacking in detail. Check out Bathroom Tile Design Trends for 2018.

Your Bathroom Color

Another concern is color. Color is another way to help add color and character to a room that might not have many features. A single vivid color such as cobalt blue white and wood effect tiles for bathroomworks well when paired with lighter shades. For a really small powder room, many people stick with fairly neutral colors. Neutral colors such as grey and beige add a soft feel to the room and help bring in more light. Bright white is a particularly good choice in an area that does not have any windows or another source of natural light. Bathroom tiles in a much darker color such as black add a classical feel that is also modern at the same time. Wood effect tiles combined with beige or concrete effect tiles are also a very popular solution.

The Bathroom’s Layout

modern bathrom white and greyThe bathroom’s fixtures and layout should also play a key role in the selection of any tiles. A diagonal tile pattern is often an excellent choice as it surprises the eyes and also draws attention to each feature in the room. Rectangular tiles can also be used to help create a sense of the unexpected and draw the eye upwards. A smaller room may only have a sink and a toilet. The use of unexpected shapes and directions for tile make the walls feel taller and the room feel bigger. Think about the fixtures as well. Sleek, modern fixtures pair best with tiles that also have a modern feel. Use more traditional tile shapes in rooms with vintage items. The goal is to use tiles to give a sense of truly pleasing order to the entire bathroom place.

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