Why you should choose Stone Cladding for your Garden Wall

Why you should choose stone cladding for your garden wall ?

Are you looking for a new cladding option for your garden wall? You might want to consider stone cladding. Stone cladding could be a great choice for the wall of any garden, regardless of your style, maintenance needs or the time you have to complete the job. It’s a great choice all around and here are just some of the benefits that you should consider of using this incredibly popular finish

Easy Maintenance

Don’t you just hate spending hundreds of hours maintaining the exterior of your property? Well, there’s good news. With stone wall cladding, you won’t need to. This finish is actually incredibly durable. That’s, of course, going to be important when you’re using it for the exterior of your home. However, while your garden wall will be exposed to the elements you won’t see any sign of damage. It’s far more resistant compared to some of the other finishes that you can consider.
You don’t need to maintain it either. Instead, your stone cladding wall will actually improve over time! It’s also fire resistant which is fantastic if you are worried about that particular natural disaster.

Easy To Install

external stone cladding You’ll also find that your stone cladding is easy to install on your garden wall. Why is this? Well, first, the tiles are bought in a set size instead of weird and wonderful randomised pieces. That means that they are easy to put in place by hand. The smooth back also means that they are easy to adhere to the wall. All in all, this means that you are going to need to spend less time and indeed effort adding this cladding to your garden wall. But that’s not all.

You’ll also get interlocking corner pieces. That means that you can easily create the desired finish that looks fantastic and is highly durable.



Fall In Love With A Varied Design

Stone cladding is a completely natural, beautiful cladding option that will give your wall a look that has been around for literally thousands of years. The beauty of this cladding option is that no two pieces of stone are the same. That means the wall will look completely unique and ensure that your garden does stand out.
However, that doesn’t mean that you’re tied down by the type of style that you want. You can choose from different colours shades as well as tonal variations. You can get everything from silky grey tones to something more close to a dark brown. It’s entirely up to you how you want to style your home exterior with this garden wall cladding option.



Stone cladding is also perfect because it can be used on any type of garden wall that you have. Tall or small, wide or thin, this is the perfect cladding option for every garden wall in any home.

We hope you see now the tremendous benefits of this cladding option for a wall in your garden. Check our recent projects and get inspired

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