How to Create a Modern Rustic Kitchen

How to Create a Modern Rustic Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen to a rustic one is a backwards upgrade. Not only are you choosing a rustic interior instead of a modern one, you are choosing to imitate the kitchens of old – old, but functional. It doesn’t have to be a huge project that you invest in, as a rustic kitchen is simple, warm and beautiful to look at without much effort. However, a rustic kitchen is a statement of style and taste, effort and a sense of home.

Avoiding the clean lines and chrome of a modern kitchen isn’t easy, especially when the recent technology that kitchens indulge in make them more functional than ever before. However, the rustic kitchen shouts back to times of old, a simpler time where time was spent in the kitchen as the home hub. A rustic kitchen has comfort and warmth in mind, and as it’s the busiest place in the home, you want to incorporate the elements you need along with the elements that make a home feel – well, homely! Let’s take a look!


Light Paint Colours

Sticking to light, soft colours in your rustic kitchen is a must. Think pastels and pale colours that add to the natural look of the wood or brick. Continue the same theme through the tablecloths and cheesecloth linens in the kitchen and you can embrace the look. Earthier tones – such as brown – look good as a rug in the kitchen space or a floor mat.

Raw Materials

From a Salvage Brick Feature Wall to the use of wood and cotton, raw materials embody a natural and rustic kitchen. Natural materials stand out and instantly change a room, allowing it to look better and feel more homely. If you want to have a rustic kitchen, exposed brick does the job. It brings the outside in and makes your kitchen look and feel like you’ve stepped back in time. The exposed brick also brings personality and life into the kitchen, even if space isn’t on your side it expands the room.

Complimentary Textiles

The right furniture and décor along the way will enhance the look of your new rustic kitchen, and to achieve the “time worn” look of a country kitchen can easily be achieved with recycled or upcycled furniture made from reclaimed materials. Think scrubbed wooden tables and twisted wooden chairs to create that country cottage feel. Make sure these are in lighter colours, like warm blues or olive green, as this will offer a more country feel.

Open Shelves

Rustic kitchens are all about simplicity and open shelves make it just that. You want to have an easy time finding things, and open shelves allow for a cooking experience that is efficient as it is comfortable. Smaller kitchens do well with open shelving as it creates a bigger and more roomy kitchen effect. It’s always good to remember, though, that clutter can make open shelving look less attractive, so be smart about it!

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