Top Tips For Decorate Your Garden Walls With External Brick Cladding

Top Tips For Decorate Your Garden Walls With External Brick Cladding

For many people, their garden is the crowning glory of their whole property. It’s a great place to fill with plenty of colour to make an inviting outdoor space where you can entertain friends and family. Quite a few families find that they tend to use their garden a lot more once they work on their garden to make it bright and welcoming. Once it looks great, you’ll certainly want to bring out the barbecue or enjoy a family picnic on the lawn.

Feel like it’s time to give your garden a bit of a makeover? Well, why not use some external brick cladding to breathe some fresh life into your outdoor areas? When it comes to using external brickwork in your garden, you will certainly have a lot of great options to make your garden look amazing. Here are some tips that will help you make the most out of external brick cladding.

Consider Which Colour Will Go Best

When you are designing an exterior wall, you should think carefully about the colour and shade of the bricks that you choose. You might think that most cladding will just be brown or grey and that you will have little choice. This really isn’t the case and there are, in fact, a range of colours to choose from. Once you’ve decided on a colour, you can then decide on a specific shade. You might want to think about the plants and flowers that already add colour to your garden, so you don’t get something that will be too bold next to them.


Create An Accent Wall In The Garden

One way to add a vibrant touch to your garden is to turn one exterior wall into an accent wall. This will be a wall that catches everyone’s attention as soon as they enter. For instance, you might want to cover it in a stylish patterned cladding that will give it a textured appearance. Why not use a variety of different bricks to make creative patterns and mosaics? This will certainly add the wow factor to your garden!

Use Reclaimed Brick Slips

If you want a more natural appearance on your exterior walls, you could always use some reclaimed brick slips. These are bricks that have been taken from old buildings and repurposed so that they can be used again. Not only will the make for a great garden wall, but they can also add some character to your property’s external main walls as well.

Apply Your Own Black Veneer Tiles

If you fancy applying the external brick cladding yourself, then you will find that black veneer tiles are really easy to work with in DIY projects. These are really lightweight tiles that will look fantastic on all your external walls.

Has this got you interested in using some external brick cladding on your property? It will certainly be a great way to give your home’s outdoor areas a revamp. Get in touch with us today if you need any extra advice and tips.

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