Ceresit Solar Protect Silicone Render...
Ceresit Solar Protect Silicone Render...

Ceresit Solar Protect Silicone Render 1.5mm 25kg

Ceresit CT 76 contains an optimal combination of silicon and elastomeric dispersion, which provide us excellent flexibility, high level of diffusion, resistance and low water absorption. Silicone plaster (render)  stone structure, grain 1.5 mm . Decorative thin-layer plaster for indoor and outdoor applications over external wall insulation

  • Coverage 9-9.5 sqm per bucket
  • Price per 25kg ready-mix bucket white 

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Ceresit CT 76 is used for making thin-layer plasters on concrete substrates, traditional plasters, gypsum substrates and chipboards, gypsum cardboards, etc. We recommend the application of the plaster CT 76 as façade plaster within Ceresit ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems) with the use of EPS-boards (Expanded Polystyrene boards) and mineral wool. CT 76 plaster is recommended to be applied to the partitions where high permeability is required.

CT 76 is available in a wide range of colours, but in case of intense dark colours, the material application on the façades should be limited to small areas, e.g. architectural details. Plaster CT 76 is protected form biological paralyses, e.g. fungus, mould and algae.


Their task is to protect the facade against the effects of free radicals, which destroy polymer bonds in the plaster structure. Free radical scavengers trap and deactivate the free radicals before the further reactions leading to polimer degradation.


Free radical Scavengers are activated by the action of light and oxygen and contribute to the self-healing process of polymer bonds inside the plaster structure.


Thanks to free radical scavengers:


  • Polymer bonds are protected
  • Destroyed polymer matrix is regenerate
  • Polymer bonds are strong and the plaster surface is seal

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