What is Decorative Stone / Brick Tiles?

They are structural tiles faithfully imitating natural stones and bricks , ightweight up to 22 kg per square metre . It is made from lightweight aggregates, Portland cement, coloured pigments and a variety of admixtures.

Products manufactured to meet the needs of the market place.

How thick are decorative stones and brick tiles?

All available products are from 15 up to 50mm in thickness

Where Decorative Stones / Brick Tiles can be used?

A stone-brick  veneer or brick slips  can be a great addition when building and redesigning your home or business.  The art of a stone veneer can revamp such structures as fireplaces, living rooms , dinning rooms ,door entrances, chimneys, garage doors, pubs, clubs fitness studios , shops and many other structures.  A property owner can also enjoy the same effects as natural stone, since it has many similar benefits and can be installed internally and externally.

How does differ from traditional stone?

Traditional stone is 4 inch deep and requires a foundation for installation while decorative stone and brick tiles are up to 1 inch deep and can be installed over most sound surfaces inside or outside .

How much does stones / bricks cost?

The cost will vary depending on the style and the number of flats versus the number of corners required for the project. Give us a call or request a quote on home page of our website will be able to assist you in calculating the costs.