Fireplace Centrepiece Ideas

3d fireplace surround

Fireplace Centrepiece Ideas

A fireplace in your home is a good way to add a little rustic charm to the room, no matter how modern your house looks. There’s nothing quite like sitting in front of a fire when you are bundling up on a cold wintery evening, and having a fireplace that matches the aesthetic that you are hoping to achieve in the room is so satisfying!

Many people try to create ambience in their home, but they don’t often have the budget for large marble fireplaces. You can still add warmth, though, you just have to choose the materials wisely. Almost all new homes that are build have a fireplace built somewhere into the design, as so many homeowners out there want to be able to gather in front of the fire for a cosy evening. They’re not just in the living room, though, when fireplaces can also be found in kitchen spaces and dining rooms.

Choosing Materials

There are a lot of materials and styles of fire surround that you can choose from depending on the style of your house. When you’re choosing fireplace tiles, you need to ensure that you are choosing heat resistant tiles, particularly if you are planning on using your fireplace a lot. Pair that with black cladding or stone cladding for a great look. There are other options out there for you and here are some of those:

wood fireplace surroundWood : For many country-style homes, wood is the material of choice because it’s a softer medium. There are a lot of design and colour possibilities and you could choose have it stained to your tastes. You could choose cherry wood, which is very ornate and grand, or you could choose to have a simple wooden mantelpiece that is painted white to match the brightness of the lounge.


Chimney breast covered with stoneStone/Brick Tiles : If you want to add a rustic design, think brick( heat resistant tiles). They are great when paired with a timber mantle and can really help you to add charm to your home. They work in every house but are particularly great in country-style homes. Marble is an option for those want something a little more long-lasting, and they can give the fireplace a contemporary look. Researching the house history and leaning your materials of choice to the history of the house is going to really help you to create that look you want.

wallpaper fireplace surroundWallpaper : If you have a small room and not much space for an imposing fireplace, think about wallpaper designs that can be stuck to the wall around the fireplace. You can fake it til you make it with this, and you get the look you want at a fraction of the cost.



3d panel for fireplace3D Panels : They give you endless possibilities to create your very own unique feature wall! 3D panels are perfect for making your interior design truly modern. Subtle textures set the mood for your decor, while more distinctive designs are ideal for accent walls.



venetian stucco fireplaceDecorative Plaster/Paint :Another on the budget list, plaster surrounds can create a luxury look without the price-tag.



Your choices aren’t too limited when materials for your fireplace are involved, so take your time in selecting yours heat resistant tiles or any other products. At Deco Stones, we are more than happy to assist you with your fireplace – give us a call today.


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