Stone fireplace ideas for your home

Chimney breast covered with stone

Stone fireplace ideas for your home

The stone fireplace is as popular as ever – although some might say, increasingly so. The accessibility, affordability, and flexibility of stone veneer fireplace tiles and natural stone finishes have resulted in a huge array of options. The difficulty is – which one should you choose? To help make your decision a little easier, we’ve put together a brief list of stone fireplace designs for you to have a think about – let’s get started right away.

1. Chimney breast

fireplace stone claddingThe first idea is simple but incredibly effective for all those households that don’t have a visible chimney breast. Why not put one in? Using stone veneer fireplace tiles, you can build out into the room slightly, rather than keeping flush to the wall, recreating the look of a traditional fireplace. You might have some fun with it, too – try banding, or using modern design veneers for a striking look.



2. Floor to high ceiling stone fireplace

grenada russet- fireplace-stone-wallThis is a fantastic and grand option for those of you with high ceilings. In large, spacious rooms, it’s important to have a bold statement to centre the room, and building up your fireplace surround so that it extends all the way up from the floor to ceiling is a great way to achieve it. Not only will it provide a wonderful visual aesthetic, but it will also emphasize the size and space of your room. However, be careful with this option if you have a fireplace in a small, low ceilinged room, which may result in a slightly cramped feel.


3. Multi-sided Fireplace

grenada stegu stone claddingIs this the perfect solution for contemporary, open plan living? We think it could be. The multi-sided fireplace design is an eye-catching focal point that can heat two distinct areas at the same time. As everyone knows, the problem with open plan living is that one, front-facing fire is not going to be enough to warm the entire space. By using a central column and building the stone fireplace into the centre of the room, it can create an incredible amount of texture, generate heat where it is needed, and an attractive, interesting feature to improve your overall living space.


4. A wall behind a stove

nepal-frost-wall-behind-stoveOf course, a fireplace doesn’t have to be the only place you can use stone veneer heat-resistant tiles. You can also install them in your kitchen, on the wall behind your stove. This is a great option if you want to get that rustic feel for your kitchen, and is best viewed when sitting behind something like an Aga or a Rangemaster.


5. Wood mantelpiece with stone fireplace

nepal-fireplace-decor-chimney-breastFinally, if you want a completely natural look for your fireplace, then it’s hard to beat the combination of the stone fireplace and wood mantelpiece. This is a classic design that will match with the vast majority of interiors and can be a compelling centrepiece for any room. Use wood if you want to take effect a little further – it can create some spectacular contrasts. You can pick up wooden mantel pieces at our shop located in Ballincollig.

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