How to Create Glamorous Bedroom in Few Steps ?

How to create glamorous bedroom in few steps ?

Most of us make a point of having a glamorous bedroom that embodies chic style and elegance while also including elements of comfort. It’s the one room in the house you can completely relax in, and there are many different elements that can pull it together.

You can experiment with the furnishings and the colours, but you really need to think about the bare bones of the bedroom to really make it stand out as glamourous. For glamour interior design, you need different features that embrace the classy look you’re trying to manifest.

Don’t be afraid to be adventurous with your choices. You only need to consider how bold a statement you want to make, so, let’s take a closer look at some of those elements that will really capture the glamorous bedroom.

White Brick Feature Wall

An exposed brick feature wall is one thing, but when you paint it white, you get an entirely different effect. If you look at every high fashion show around the world, they use silver and white for their colours. Every other colour that is used makes those colours pop – they pop. So, the colours of the rest of of the room and the carpets – they’ll pop against the glamour of the white brick feature wall.

3D Wall Panels

You can break up the monotonous look of your bedroom with 3D wall panels to change the game. They add texture and layer to an otherwise boring, 2D space. You can get these panels made to measure, and they can fit any surface of the wall in the bedroom to create that chic look.

White Quartz Stone Tiles

Every single white quartz stone tile makes a statement in your bedroom. The tiles themselves have a glimmer that bring out the light in the room, and they make the whole area look clean and impressive. As they’re hard-wearing and durable as a bedroom option, they will last you for some time, with a high shine look that looks polished and glistens. White quartz stone tiles are the latest design trend, adding a chic feel to your room!

Black/White Polished Tiles

Want something a little different for your floor? Try polished tiles in stylish black and white. Not only do you bring something modern to your boudoir, you really embrace luxury. A hardwearing option for your flooring, you can make the entire room stand out when you go for the black and white style. You can create a low maintenance option for your bedroom that offers you a luxury look. You can also try to do this with walnut wood flooring.

Polished Wall Plaster

If you want to truly add a sense of style to your bedroom, step away from the wallpaper and embrace the polished wall plaster. Also known as Venetian plaster,polished plaster can be finished to resemble marble and other deeply textured effects. It can be traced all the way back to the Egyptians and it’s one of the alternatives for a luxury effect on the walls that offers beauty and luxury!

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