How to create an industrial house in a few steps

How to cretate an industrial house in a few steps

You don’t need an old, run down home to embrace the industrial style. This style has been informed and inspired by the renovation and rejuvenation of old factories and abandoned mills. It’s all about being proud of the parts of the home that many people try to hide, and adding timeless charm and character with a variety of rustic looking elements. Not only that, you can show off the unique history of the building, or at least, create one industrial house with US!

Pick Your Industrial Materials

You can use materials like concrete effect plaster on your walls, giving a simple yet stylish finish, and paving the way for you to add plenty of textures and lighter shades to keep it cosy and fresh.

Their textures might be totally abstract, shine or fold, as a result they can contribute to a compelling and unusual interior design. Depending on our preferences, interior style and idea, we can make use of these objects to create a unique place.

Salvaged panels can also be used in innovative ways to add to the effect, as can reclaimed red brick slips. These slips give the authentic look and feel of an exposed brick wall. That is to go down the eclectic route that steals the show with its amazing array of colours, textures, contrasting styles and unique décor pieces.

The white loft brick wall look is also very popular, and looks great with crisp horizontal lines. This can give your industrial style home a neat look, and tends to create a welcoming aesthetic. It also looks great with a black and white color scheme.

Add Metals and Cozy Texture

Once you’ve chosen the materials that you’d like to feature, simply style them alongside exposed metals (almost always steel for the best finish), and lots of cozy textures so that your industrial house feels warm and inviting.

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