Knauff Rotband Bonding Gypsum Plaster

Knauff Rotband Bonding Gypsum Plaster

A gypsum plaster with special lightweight additives. Due to bonding additives, it is especially suitable for concrete ceilings and walls as well as pre-cast concrete components and all common plastering substrates.

Price per 30kg bags

Tax included Shipped within 2-4 working days


Special advantages:

Lightweight gypsum plaster for interior applications

Surface can be structured or smoothed

Suitable for small areas and modernisation work

For walls and ceilings

For manual application

Processing time approx. 1.5 hours

Product Details

Type of product
Bonding Gypsum Plaster
Weight Per Item
30 kg
Full Pallet
40 bags
off white
internally only

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