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Cekol C-35 Internal And External Use...

Cekol C-35 Internal And External Use Polymer Cement Plaster 20kg

CEKOL C-35 is a high-quality material intended for smoothing, leveling and refining external walls of buildings (elevations). It can also be used indoors, especially in rooms with high humidity (e.g. bathrooms, saunas, cold stores). CEKOL C-35 enables the execution of smooth surfaces. Suitable for manual and mechanical application.

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CEKOL C-35 is a water- and frost-resistant mortar. It is a dry mix of high-quality white cement, white mineral fillers and modifying agents, ensuring excellent workability and adhesion to mineral substrates (e.g. concrete, brick, aerated concrete, etc.). CEKOL C-35 does not contain toxic components or components susceptible to yellowing under the influence of light and weather conditions. It is an excellent primer for emulsion, acrylic, silicate, silicone and mineral paints. The white color allows you to limit the number of coats to obtain a full color effect. CEKOL C-35 is recommended as an outer layer in ETICS thermal insulation systems.

How To Do IT

Pour the contents of the package into the measured amount of water and gently pre-mix using approx. 0.4 liters of water per 1 kg of dry powder. Then wait about 3 minutes and mix thoroughly again until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Apply the mortar to the substrate using clean stainless steel or plastic tools. After initial hardening and drying of the mass, minor surface finishing corrections are possible. It is recommended to apply layers not thicker than 5 mm at a time. Painting can be carried out after the plaster has completely hardened and dried. A layer of fresh plaster should be protected against excessive drying.

Product Details

Type of product
For Internal and external use
Polymer Plaster
Full Pallet
54 Bags
20 Kg

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