Kitchen Floor Tiles Trends in 2019-2020

Kitchen Floor Tiles Trends in 2019-2020

Keeping up with interior design trends is essential if you want to have good ideas and plenty of inspiration for your home. The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, but it’s also a room where you need to be practical. Choosing the right flooring is a case of selecting something that looks great and works with the rest of the room, but is also suitable for a busy kitchen space. The flooring is often one of the first things that you choose in a kitchen, and you want something that will last. These kitchen floor tiles trends for 2019-2020 will look good and stay in good condition for years.


Luxurious Marble-effect

marble tilesReal natural stone is usually expensive and isn’t always the most practical choice. Porcelain tiles offer an alternative that’s affordable, durable and can offer a huge range of styles. Marble-effect tiles are an option with a luxurious look and an affordable price tag. They can elevate your kitchen and perhaps match to marble worktops. Marble is timeless and elegant, offering a clean and sophisticated look.


Concrete-effect Tiles

Another way to explore the range of styles offered by porcelain tiles is to consider concrete-effect tiles. Concrete floors can offer a sleek, contemporary look, but pouring a concrete floor is a lot of work. Concrete-look tiles can be fitted around an existing kitchen with ease. They’re a great choice if you’re going for an industrial style, perhaps in a trendy apartment rather than a family floor tiles

Hexagonal Tiles

Playing with shape is a fantastic way to explore your options for kitchen tiling. One of the trends that you are sure to see this year and next are hexagonal tiles. These kitchen floor tiles can be used to create a beautiful honeycomb style. If you think that tiles often look a little boring but you don’t want to choose a tile with a busy pattern, hexagonal tiles can help you to keep it clean while adding some excitement.

Wood-look Tiles

wood look tilesA further way to disguise your kitchen tiles and something that they’re not is to consider wood-look tiles. These mimic the look of wooden floors, but they’re more practical and easy to maintain. Keeping kitchen tiles clean is much easier, and they don’t need to be sealed in the same way as wooden floors. You don’t have to worry so much about spillages, scratches and other problems that come with wooden floors.


Grey Tiles

If there’s one colour to pay attention to for your kitchen flooring, it’s grey. Grey kitchen floor tiles can offer a cool look or a warmer feel, depending on the shade that you choose. It’s an excellent neutral colour that you can use as a backdrop to other shades.

Large Format Tiles

Larger tile sizes are also a great pick for this year and next. Their larger size means less grouting and a more seamless look. This is excellent if you want to make a space seem larger or perhaps choose a tile for an open-plan kitchen and dining room.

Keep up with this year’s kitchen tile trends and you can create a kitchen that looks amazing for years to come.

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