Kitchen Renovation Checklist – 8 Important Things to consider

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Kitchen Renovation Checklist from Deco Stones to help you get it right!

Are you thinking about completing a kitchen renovation? this article will help you prepare for it and avoid nasty surprises once the renovation project starts.

Why Upgrading your Kitchen?

Kitchen renovations are a smart move because they tend to add a massive level of value onto your property. Indeed, with the right renovation work on your kitchen, you can add as much as twenty percent of the asking value onto your home. But, it’s not just about money. Renovating your kitchen will also make it a better place in your home for you and your family. That’s great news, and the right work can provide your kitchen with a brilliant place for dining, a fantastic area for preparing home cooked meals or perhaps just a stylish new area of your home.

However, you do need to plan a kitchen renovation carefully, making sure that you tick off all the right boxes with the build and the design.

1. Decide What You Want

First, make sure that you know what you want from your kitchen renovation. Different homeowners will have individual wants and requirements. For instance, for some homeowners, a kitchen that provides more space will be far more important than a kitchen that looks stylish. Or, you might be interested in getting a breakfast bar or island setup and installed in your home. Other people are going to want to keep the space in the centre of the kitchen completely clear. Obviously, this is going to impact the rest of the steps you take to complete your kitchen renovation. Some people will be looking at work that can be completed in just a couple weeks whereas others may need work that will take a few months. You have a lot of decisions to make here such as deciding which is more important, functionality or aesthetics? Hopefully, you’ll get a lot of both, but that isn’t always a guarantee.

2. How About DIY?

Next, consider whether you can DIY any of the jobs needed for your kitchen renovation. Some of the jobs are remarkably easy and won’t require expert attention. By handling them yourself, you can avoid a lot of the hours you would have needed with paid experts. This will cut the cost of your kitchen renovation right down and avoid it ballooning out completely. Examples of this would include tearing out old fixtures that need replacing. With the right set of tools, it’s easy to go nuts and have a little fun in the process. Don’t worry about making a mess. If your kitchen design is getting a complete overhaul it won’t be noticeable by the end of it.

3. Choosing A Design And Aesthetic

kitchen brick wall designNext, you can think about how you want your kitchen to look. There are many different types of aesthetics and designs to choose from so consider them carefully. For instance, you might want a modern kitchen that looks completely contemporary. If that’s the case, aim for metallic appliances and a gloss countertop finish. This can look tremendous as part of a modern kitchen design. Remember, it’s not just the big details that matter. Small things can completely change the look of the room. For instance, you need to think about the handles on cupboards and doors in your kitchen. For a modern design, you can even think about avoiding handles completely and instead opting for a push-open design. Keeping the doors and drawers completely smooth will add to that modern aesthetic.

Aiming for something more vintage? Hardwood countertops will look fantastic though they are perhaps, not quite as practical. Or, if you want your kitchen to look as expensive as possible, consider investing in marble countertops.

Explore Different Materials And Choose The Right One For Your Desi. There are various materials that would look perfect in your kitchen and improve both the aesthetic appearance as well as functionality.

4. Wall And Floor Tiles

These tiles can look tremendous, giving your kitchen some much-needed texture and character. But they also make it easy to clean and are particularly useful around areas where food splashes are common. You may want to add some tiles to the area around your hob. Wall and floor tiles are a great choice to consider (for example wood-effect tiles or are trendy now), but there are plenty of other options too.

5. Ostentation On A Budget

grey and yellow kitchen interior designYou may have warmed to the idea of marble in your kitchen, but you could be worried about the price. Not to worry, there are imitation materials that are cheaper but look like the real deal. That way, anyone can afford to have cool, classic, marble kitchen.


Granite and other types of stone are also available. Don’t just think about the materials though, consider the finishes that you use too. A different finish can give your kitchen a completely new look. For instance, you can opt for a matte kitchen respray. This is an affordable, awesome way to give your kitchen a completely new design without breaking the bank.


6. Let The Lights Shine

One of the most important parts of a kitchen redesign is actually the lighting. You need to make sure that you choose the right lighting to make your kitchen stand out. There are lots of options on the market from downlights to LED beams. It’s all about finding the right lighting to match your chosen aesthetic. If you’re working with a designer, speak to them about this choice. If you’re doing all the work yourself, check out some kitchen design blogs to see which style of lighting goes well with different decor choices.

7. Consider Some Unique Features

From smart fridges to instant boil taps, there are plenty of unique features to consider for a brand new kitchen, each just as exciting as the next. You could get a heat induction hob for great energy savings or a awesome wine cooler to impress guests. This will add a little to your budget, but it’s well worth it to make sure your new kitchen is ultra impressive.

8. Get The Budget And Get The Team

wood effect tiles for kitchen floorFinally, start planning a budget with all the features you want and cost compare different suppliers and contractors around Cork and Dublin to find the best deal without losing quality.


Once you find the right place to buy materials and hire the pros, you are ready to start your kitchen renovation.

We’re sure it’s going to look absolutely incredible.

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