Laminate flooring-FINfloor from Finsa

If you are unhappy with the existing look of your floors we can help you out…

Recently in Deco Stones offer appeared FINfloor laminate flooring.
Laminate Flooring is now the popular go-to solution for many home-owners and our flooring are durable and easy to clean.

Available in a range of finishes to suit your home decor, Finsa affordable laminate flooring solutions are perfectly crafted using only the finest wood.
For a stylish, modern and manageable flooring surface, choose Finsa Flooring. Why?

1. Two high levels of resistance to abrasion

The appropriate AC level is determined by the abrasion resistance of laminate flooring. Currently, the wear resistance of laminate flooring is classified in five levels AC1-AC5 by EN13329 and AC5 is the top level for use in commercial laminate flooring applications that will encounter very heavy footfall.

-AC4 laminate flooring is recommended level for private home decoration,because they are a good idea for the long term condition of your floor.
-AC5 laminate flooring is the most popular level for commercial laminate flooring. Most customers see AC5 as overkill because AC4 laminate flooring already has enough wear resistance even for the most busy of commercial spaces.

If you want commercial laminate flooring we recommend laminate oak flooring and walnut laminate floor. These are two classic types of laminate flooring that are used widely all over the world due to their beautiful textures and nature styles. Many customers choose these classic species for use as commercial laminate flooring with an AC4 wear resistance level.

-AC4 8mm
-AC5 8mm
-AC5 12mm

2. Extremely easy to install

FINfloor incorporates the most modern and prestigious installation system available on the market, without the need for adhesives or glue. Simply line one section up with another and thanks to its “CLICK” system.
Finfloor allows installation without need to lift the boards at an angle (angle-snap fitting),which makes the fitting of the final boards of an installation much easier.

Tools required: saw, masking tape, pencil, spirit level, Stanley knife, and hammer (preferably rubber).

3. Protection

The paraffin covering the entire profile protects your floor against humidity.
Moreover, this edge sealing also serves to reduce the unpleasant noise produced by friction.
The use of a moisture-resistant support provides greater dimensional stability to the entire set.

4. Hydro Protect

Finsa Finfloor has a high resistance through its moisture* technology HYDRO PROTECT:
– High density wood fiber support, made with special resins that provide improved dimensional stability.
– Sealing of edges. The perimeter of each plank has been coated with paraffin to protect the penetration of moisture.
– High precision and resistance glueless click system, preventing from leakings.

(*) FINfloor is not suitable for outdoor installation, or any other environment with a high level of humidity, such as kitchens, bathrooms or laundries.

FINSA through its range of products named FINfloor offers a number of flooring options to choose from, from Original, FinFloor 12 to Fiesta.

*FINfloor 12-  AC5 12 mm

Width: 189mm
Length: 1310mm
Thickness: 12mm

  • Retro Oak
  • Paramount Oak
  • Balmoral Oak
  • Driftwood
  • Merbau Koa
  • Ash Halti

*ORIGINAL 4V FINfloor – AC4 8mm

Width: 189mm
Length: 1200mm
Thickness: 8mm

  • Lofoten Pine
  • Titanio Oak
  • Columbia Oak


*Fiesta BR Bevelled – AC4 8mm

Width: 189mm
Length: 1200mm
Thickness: 8mm

  • Liverpool Oak
  • London Oak
  • Andover Oak
  • Siddahartha Walnut


Deco Stones offers many different types of underlay, adhesive and grout in its accessory range which fulfill levelling-out and insulation functions.


If you are interested in getting prices for each different level you can either do this in the contact cart or contact us with your request directly.