Make Your Fireplace The Centerpiece of Your Living Room

Make Your Fireplace The Centerpiece of Your Living Room

A fireplace is an amazing feature for any room to have. It’s an automatic starting point if you want to have a focal feature that the eye is immediately drawn to when you walk in. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your living room, you can use it to create a centrepiece that you will love and that you can use to impress others too. It doesn’t have to take much to add something to your fireplace to make it an attention-grabbing centrepiece. With a few simple changes, or even just one significant change, your fireplace can look completely different.

Wood Mantel Decoration

A fireplace doesn’t necessarily need a mantel, but it is a traditional part of a fireplace. If you want to have a mantelpiece above or around your fireplace, it can be a great thing to use to add to its image. Mantels can be made of various materials, although they are often made from wood. Even a traditional wood mantel doesn’t necessarily have to look too traditional, and there are modern options if that’s what you prefer.

Stone Tiles

Adding stone tiles to your fireplace can turn it into a beautiful and eye-catching living room feature. Stone tiles can come in different colours and textures so that you can choose a style that works with the decoration of your living room. You might want a contemporary stone tile to match your ultra-modern fireplace or perhaps something darker and warmer to go with your wood burning stove. You can change the look of your fireplace and chimney breast with a smart stone tile.

Brick Tiles

Brick tiles offer another tile option when you want to make your fireplace the centrepiece of your living room. The exposed brick look is one that has been popular for a long time is unlikely to go away. If you want to create the look of a warehouse or loft conversion, choosing brick tiles for your fireplace is an excellent idea. You can choose different colours, such as red or grey, to get the results that you want for your fireplace.

Porcelain Tiles

When you want a fine product to transform your fireplace, porcelain tiles offer another tile option. Porcelain tiles come in a huge range of designs and patterns, so you can choose something that you love. Many porcelain styles have beautiful patterns in brighter colours, whereas stone and brick tiles offer a more natural look. However, you can also choose porcelain tiles in more neutral shades for a subtle option.

Decorative Plaster

Decorative plaster gives you a way to give your fireplace a whole new look in an affordable way. Once they have been applied, they imitate natural stone, paper, concrete and other materials. They offer a slightly more unusual look for your fireplace, which is sure to get people talking when they come to visit you. They can be great as a backing for your fireplace.

Give your living room an impressive new feature by updating your fireplace with a brand new look.

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