How to Match Brick and Stone Cladding in House Exterior Design

brick and stone cladding for exteriors

How to Match Brick and Stone Cladding in House Exterior Design

grenada stegu stone claddingTrying to be creative with exterior brick and stone cladding can often have chaotic results. There are so many factors to consider in this balancing act that many times the project is avoided altogether. However, if you are up to the challenge, here are a few tips to get you on the right track.


Scale and Proportion of Brick and Stone in Exterior Design

Not everything is equal when it comes to balance. Ask any interior design specialist and they will tell you that without the proper scale and proportion, balanced appearance is out the window. The Golden Ratio should be used in matching an area of brick cladding to stone, as well as the size of each individual piece. For example, trying to match the exact size of a brick to any type of stone will result in an unappealing look.


Natural Colours

marseille volcanic stegu stone external wallBold and bright has no place in a natural setting. The exterior of a home should flow with the landscape and reflect the beauty of the world. For instance, if you wish to have contrasting stone cladding against a brick exterior, select a neutral or color coordinating tone as a blend. Never select a colors that are bright and flashy. You can always add a touch of color with a colorful front door or shutters.


Simplicity Works Best

Wanting to add pizzazz to a home’s exterior should not be practiced with brick cladding and stone. Granite or sandstone may seem pretty dull when alone, but using as a stone cladding against a brick exterior can bring out the highlights of color and texture that would otherwise go unnoticed. A pair of different color tones and textures make a rich, well-blended appearance. Using any more patterns or colors can run the risk of throwing off the aesthetic harmony.


Existing Structures

When working with a house that already has brick cladding and stone, pull out your color wheel and consider the different types of color that can enhance the existing stone. Here is where you can contrast or blend colors by painting the brick. Always remember to take into account the landscape and surrounding buildings to avoid any clashes.

These interior design techniques for exteriors will help to bring a professional modern or traditional look to a new or existing house. Be careful to avoid trendy tones so updates will never be necessary. An interior designing firm or our home improvement Brick and Stone cladding center staff will be able to offer assistance, should you feel uncomfortable in making the right choice.

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