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White Brick Slips in Modern Interior Design

white brick in modern interior design

White Brick Slips in Modern Interior Design

White brick slips are an easy and quick way to give an existing wall a whole new layer of character. Besides being used to redesign entire walls, they are perfect for quickly detailing windows, doorways, and other architectural features. Thanks to their convenience and the way they take up very little space when applied, they’ve become a popular tool in modern home interior design. Here are some of the ways you can use them to your home’s advantage.

Textured and timeless

There are a few different ways to get the look of brickwork in your home. However, unlike brick wallpaper, white brick slips bring not just the timeless aesthetic but the real texture of bricks as well. They can create an immediate depth that helps add life and depth to a wall without having to clutter it with a hundred different accessories. This texture, paired with the clean, white look is perfect for minimalist bright designs that aren’t too contemporary and characterless.


A clever solution to bathroom woes

White brick slips are perfectly suitable for use in the bathroom, too. While they have the look of cleanliness and brightness to match tiles, they don’t require anywhere near the maintenance. Once they are sealed, there’s no risk of mould and visible damp. They’re waterproof and offer plenty of thermal insulation. What’s more, they are relatively easy to clean, so your bathroom can become a lot less painless to take care of, allowing you to spend more time enjoying it rather than maintaining it.

Perfect for detailing the kitchen

white brick in the kitchenOne of the advantages of white brick slips is that you can apply them as much or as little as you want. If you want a whole wall covering, you can do that. However, there are instances where you may want to use them to only detail a single section. Take the kitchen, for instance. White brick slips can be the perfect backsplash above the kitchen counter. The benefits mentioned above for the bathroom also apply to the kitchen. It can be much more convenient than tiles or wallpaper, and it can create the perfect rustic contrast to an otherwise clean and contemporary kitchen.

Bring your living room walls to life

Brick slips are highly popular for living room walls. Other colours, such as reds and greys, may be often used for bringing the industrial aesthetic to the room. However, the brightness and purity of white wall slips are perfect for modern home interior design. It has texture and depth, so your walls don’t look plain and empty. They catch the eye, making them a perfect focal point whether you want to draw attention to the wall art you hang from them or you create a vignette on the table at the foot of the wall.

As convenient and as versatile as they are, white brick slips have a lot to offer in modern home interior design. They are the most effective way to quickly get not only the look but the feel of real brickwork in the home.


Deco Stones offer 3 types of white brick slips:

BOSTON: concrete brick slips with grout

PARMA: plaster brick slips with grout

VINTAGE: concrete brick slips, needs to be grouted

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