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Pillow Panel Block

Pillow Panel Block

Square pillow panel. There are shapes with dimensions of 400x200mm, 500x250mm and 600x300mm 1000x10mm . An innovative product characterized by extraordinary softness, lightness and functionality. The front of the panel resembles a pillow to the touch, thanks to which the mounted panels create an ideal, comfortable support behind the bed, and more. The assembly of the panels is very simple and intuitive. The wall is attached to the wall with a special Velcro tape.

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Panel Size
  • 400 mm x 200 mm
  • 500 mm x 250 mm
  • 600 mm x 300 mm
  • 1000 mm x 10 mm
Tax included Delivery within 3-4 weeks


BLOCK panels are not an ordinary pillow attached to the wall, it is an element that meets the properties of a pillow, but its structure has been designed so that each element adheres exactly to each other and does not stick out from the wall. The lack of any kind of wood or plastic underlays makes our panel extremely light.

Our panels also have soundproofing properties according to the standards. Sound absorption index and class according to PN-EN ISO 11654: 1999: αW = 0.60 Sound absorption class: C They can be used wherever we want both original and unique interior design and improvement of acoustics. Ventilated backing Thanks to special holes, our panels "breathe", they do not constitute a tight barrier between plasters or other surfaces, and the fixed element itself, thanks to which there is no risk of fungus or mold accumulation in the direct place of panel installation.

Ease of cleaning A damp cloth is enough to clean the dirty panel.

By installing the panels, you can avoid a long renovation that accumulates a lot of dust, clutter and both financial and technical preparations. Our panels can be attached to any substrate without prior preparation of the wall.

So we save time and money.

Our panels make the wall soft, innovative, unusual, you can lean against it, it can protect the child against chafing / abrasions caused by a fall.

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