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3D Textured Wall Panels

Textured walls can add visual interest to your interiors and give it a modern edge. Subtle textures set the mood for your decor, while more distinctive designs are ideal for accent walls.

Decostones’ range of 3D Textured Wall Panels features a unique plaster that offers both versatility and durability. We have a range of designs available; each one displays a stellar 3D wall design to match your vision.

The plaster we use is strengthened with glass fibres and is completely non-flammable — we do not use volatile mineral compounds of any kind. The measurements and weight of the panels will vary depending on the pattern, but they average at around 10kg each and measure at around 1000mm x 800mm.

Decostones is your source for unique, modern panelling for walls. See our full collection of 3D textured wall panels below.