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Floor and Wall Tiles Nationwide
Floor and Wall tiles delivered nationwide in Ireland: classic modern and nature inspired collections.

Our unique collection inspired by nature: concrete and timber effect tiles. They are made out of high quality natural raw materials. Can be used outside and inside of residential and commercial buildings, including places situated in areas of traffic intensity: as a lining of outdoor stairs and indoor terraces, corridors, window boards, building facades and lining of fences.

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  • Bathroom Tiles

    Bathroom Tiles (128)

    Bathroom Tiles (Wall and Floor)

    A collection of bathroom tiles perfect for wall and floor tiling. Our offer includes:
    • wood-effect, classic and concrete look
    • ceramic, porcelain large and small format
    • mosaic and featured tiles
    • matte and gloss
    High Quality: when choosing toilet/bathroom tiles for our Deco Stones collection we take into account several factors. First, anti-slip technology and ratings and we strive to stock only floor tiles that have R10 or higher rate. Thickness & abrasion resistance class that is important for product durability. We ensure only the highest rating tiles are offered in our store.  Design: We offer a large selection gloss and matte, classic and original modern tile designs that are carefully chosen according to Irish customers' taste and current interior design trends.
  • Kitchen Tiles

    Kitchen Tiles (149)

    Kitchen Tiles - Wall and Floor

    High quality kitchen tiles at affordable price! A selection of wall an floor tiles that are durable and have high abrasion resistance class, so you can enjoy the new flooring in a perfect condition for years. Large collection of classic and modern bold designs ensure you will find a perfect match for your very own kitchen interior design project. Available: wood-effect, porcelain, ceramic, anti-slip, mosaic, large and standard format and in multiple coulours
  • Floor Tiles

    Floor Tiles (116)

    Floor Tiles

    Collection of Floor tiles suitable for every project! Most of our tiles are porcelain, rectified, thick and have high abrasion resistance class (meaning they are more durable and less prone to damage, especially in high-traffic and high moisture level rooms like kitchens, entrance halls or bathrooms). Most of them also come anti-slip technology (class R10 or higher). Variety of Designs: we offer large selection of different styles to ensure our tiles fit every interior design project. We offer wood-effect, concrete-look, classic, matte and gloss floor tiles. Price: we handpick only high quality products that are then added to our Deco Stones collection, and we only work with carefully selected manufacturers from Europe. All this to ensure our customers get the best possible quality tiles at affordable price.
  • Wood Effect Tiles

    Wood Effect Tiles (81)

    Wood Effect Tiles: great quality at affordable price!

    At Deco stones, our floor and wall tiles have great quality convenient for your use. They can be used in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, terrace, outdoor, indoor and elevation. Each tile has a warranty of 5 years and most contain anti-slip propertiesThese tiles do not encourage permanent stains and scratches. They all cost between €15.11 and €41.99 and we will not be beaten on prices! 

    Wood Effect Tiles Collections:

    These tiles come in collections and they include: The Catalea, Celtis, Cortone, Lussaca, Mattina, Mustiq, Setim, and the Tilia collections. Each tile is named after the collection they fall into and their colours.
    • Catalea: includes 900x175x8 mm dimensional porcelain tiles featuring oak tree wood grains that are stylish and practical. Also, they can be used in households, offices and porches. Their prices are all assigned per square centimeters. They are all affordable and high quality
    • Laroya: includes 897x170x8 mm dimensional porcelain tiles
    • Fuerta: includes 897x170x8 mm dimensional porcelain tiles
    • Celtis : includes 175x600x8 mm dimensional tiles.
    • Cortone: Porcelain tiles made imitating wood with 193x1202x10 mm dimensions.
    • Lussaca: includes clinker tiles of 600x175x8 mm dimensions.
    • Mattina: includes gres tiles with 19x1202x10 mm.
    • Mustiq: are clinker tiles with 600x175x8 mm dimensions with smooth surface and wood patterns.
    • Setim: includes gres tiles with smooth surface and 175x600x8 mm dimensions. They are available in several neutral colours.
    • Tilia: includes gres tiles with anti-slip properties of 175x600x8 mm dimensions.
  • Porcelain Tiles

    Porcelain Tiles (117)

    Porcelain tiles

    Porcelain tiles are the most durable type of tiles available on the market. Our unique collection is perfect for wall and floor, domestic and commercial tiling. Our products can also be used in high traffic and moisture level areas (in contrast to ceramic tiles that are more suitable for walls or low traffic indoor areas). Thanks to high abrasion resistance class and anti-slip technology they are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. Most of Deco Stones’ porcelain tiles can even be installed outdoor! A special innovative manufacturing method ensures that the final product is waterproof (it has a very low water absorption rating) and frost resistant. We offer both classic and modern tile designs to match any interior design project. Our new nature-inspired collection includes wood-effect and concrete effect porcelain tiles are our bestsellers this year. We are proud to stock only high quality tiles sourced from carefully selected European manufacturers, at the same time we ensure they are available to our clients at affordable and competitive price.
  • Ceramic tiles

    Ceramic tiles (67)

    Ceramic Tiles

    Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular choice for floor and wall tiling in Ireland. Good quality products are durable, easy to clean and have high abrasion resistance class. They are mostly used for wall tiling (thicker porcelain tiles are commonly chosen for floors) and come in several classic and modern designs. Our tiles are often used for back-splashes, showers, bathroom walls and more. All our products are handpicked by our interior design specialists to match Irish customers’ preferences as well as international interior design trends. Our tile designs are unique and only the best quality products make it to our Deco Stones’ collection. See our Mosaic Featured and Wood-effect ceramic tiles.
  • Tiles - SALE

    Tiles - SALE (8)

    Tiles: wall and floor tiles on SALE

    wall and floor tiles in the good price Choose from variety of products and save with us. We offer porcelain, ceramic, mosaic and large format wall and floor tiles. We stock both classic and modern style tiles, including traditional and large format ones. Perfect as kitchen, bathroom, living room or hall tiles. Make sure you check out our Wood Effect Tiles section if you like wooden flooring but prefer a more durable and easy to clean alternative to traditional wood.
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