Reclaimed brick slips in modern Interior Design

Reclaimed brick slips in modern Interior Design

The historical value attached to the bricks is what makes this decorative material so special and attractive. Reclaimed brick slips come from old historical buildings and they really have that unique look and feel. There is some magical warmth and nostalgia attached to them that no modern brick slips can recreate. This is why reclaimed bricks are so popular and loved by many of people.

The last few years have seen architects and homeowners gravitate towards the beautiful brick wall whenever they need a touch of texture, unique character and a dab of timeless charm sprinkled in the home.

For some, the exposed brick wall is an expression of the rich, historic past of the building and a blend of the past and the present. For others, it is a way to add elegance and personality to an otherwise boring interior dominated by glass and stone. No matter what your reason is, there is no doubting the fact that brick walls are here to stay.

Reclaimed brick slips in the living room

Modern living rooms with an accent brick wall are currently a hot trend that I don’t feel will fade away. The classic red brick wall can look at home in contemporary living rooms where the rest of the interior is neutral and uncluttered. An exposed brick wall can also offer as a lovely and vibrant backdrop to display art or family pictures.

TIP! Have a small living room? Exposed brick walls, can bring warmth to the small living space and turns it into an inviting intimate setting.


Kitchen brick splashback – cooking in style

The splashback is a must-have in every kitchen. Usually the walls are covered with ceramic tiles. But now is time to change it- Reclaimed Brick Slips are a super stylish alternative to wall tiles. They are original, unique and come in variety of colours and features due to reclaimed brick’s natural aging process. Thanks to that you can create more rustic and country style feeling by applying brick wall into splashback. To achieve more modern look – mix it with high gloss finish kitchen units.

If you would like to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen, a brick splashback is a wonderful idea.


Exposed chimney breast

Reclaimed brick slips are heat resistant making them the perfect choice for use around stoves and open fires. Bricks look best when applied in central and focal areas, for example on the chimney breast.

If you would like to create a feature wall around the fireplace there is no better way to do so than using brick slips! It will easily cover up the blank wall space around the fireplace and make the room more cosy and stylish. By applying bricks, you can create eye-catching design that make room more interesting without any additional decorations.


In our opinion there are no restrictions when it comes to using brick walls in our interiors – our imagination is the limit!

Use Reclaimed Brick Slips to create an interior design that will make everyone sigh with awe! Whether it is a chimney breast or a feature wall , bricks work perfectly with modern interior designs.

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