Reclaimed Brick Slips vs Manufactured Brick Slips

Reclaimed Brick Slips vs Manufactured Brick Slips

If you’re attempting to create an industrial style home, using brick slips may have crossed your mind. This will give you that beautiful, classic, red exposed brick look that enhances the style of an industrial look. Using brick slips can also add texture, interest, and character to any room.

If you’re planning on using brick slips, you’re going to have to make the decision between reclaimed brick slips and manufactured brick slips – here we’ll take a look at the differences.

Salvage Brick Slips Are The Real Thing

Both old bricks and manufactured brick slips look great but reclaimed brick slips are the real deal. If you want to say you have authentic slips at all costs, then you’re going to need to buy reclaimed slips.

When people search for loft bricks for interior design purpose they most often mean a recycled brick that comes from an old, antique building. The historical value attached to the bricks is what makes this decorative material so special and attractive.

It’s important to note that reclaimed brick slips suck water in and out with ease, but they do not need to be sealed unless you are going to use them somewhere like a kitchen area where the brick is likely to get splashed with anything other than water.

Reclaimed Slips are Suitable For Outdoor Use

The salvage brick slips can also be used on outdoor walls, so whether you’re looking to add character to your interior or exterior, you can use reclaimed slips to do so. They also look awesome in kitchens and bathrooms, on chimney breasts, and on feature walls.

You can’t use manufactured brick slips on your exterior, and although they can be used inside the home, they do not tend to have the difference in textures and appearance as salvaged slips, which can reduce the overall impact of the finish.

Each Deco Stone reclaimed brick-tiles are original, unique and come in variety of colours and features due to reclaimed brick’s natural aging process. We offer single brick slips rather than brick panels (sheets) to give you more flexibility in interior design projects, allow more precise application and help you safe space in a room. SHOP ONLINE

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