Baumit Self Levelling 1- 20 mm Quick Set

Baumit Self Levelling 1- 20 mm Quick Set

Factory prepared, shrinkage-free, dry mix of CA-C20-F6 class. It is easy to process and has a very good flow. Designed for leveling and leveling all kinds of new and old substrates inside buildings, as bonded to the substrate, also on underfloor heating. As a base for tiles, carpets, parquet, panels, it creates a smooth and even surface of high strength, resistant to concentrated loads. For manual and machine application. Recommended for use in residential and public spaces. Can be climbed on after 2–3 hours. Thickness range: 1–20 mm.

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  • very good flow and easy processing
  • fast setting and drying
  • perfectly smooth surface

Do you want to create an even undercoat for tiles, parquet, panels or carpet? You can do it without any problems with the Baumit Nivello Quattro. It is a dry mortar for the preparation of a highly flowing mortar. You can use it to level the old base and level the new one. Our self-leveling mass should be used inside buildings. It will work especially well in public or residential rooms. Perfectly withstands concentrated loads. The quick-setting mortar we propose also allows for comfortable work. It is non-shrink, and climbing is possible  after 2-3 hours. The mass is also very easy to prepare and can be used in the thickness range of 1-20 mm.

Product Details

Type of product
Quick Set
Self Levelling Compound
Weight Per Item
25 Kg
Full Pallet
48 Bags
Coverage Sqm
1.5Kg per 1m2 / 1mm
Light Grey
Indoor Only
Traffic After 3 Hours
160 Items

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