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  • Decorative Lamellas

    Decorative Lamellas (20)

    Decorative Lamellas

    Wall lamellas are a brilliant way to emphasize the character of any interior. Thanks to their vertical form, they visually enlarge the space. Furthermore, they have a positive impact on the acoustics of an interior thanks to their soundproofing properties. Walls finished with lamellas warm the interior, juxtaposing other materials that were used for the finishing. Installing lamellas requires minimal effort, but the effect achieved after the work is done is breath-taking!
  • Stone Cladding

    Stone Cladding (37)

    Stone Cladding for Interiors and Exteriors

    Decostones specializes in stone wall cladding products and accessories. We sell the best quality manufactured stone veneer, artificial stone panels and more that can be purchased in our store in Ballincollig or on our online shop. Stone cladding is perfect for both, the interior and exterior of your house. It is a popular choice for fireplace chimney breast decorative cladding, TV feature walls, outdoor fireplaces and others. It is great for external wall cladding and it is often used for decoration of domestic and commercial properties.
  • Brick Cladding

    Brick Cladding (21)

    Brick Slips and Veneers

    Brick Veneer tiles are a replica of natural brick made of high-quality concrete and plasters. Products come in a couple of different designs and colour options. Very lightweight tiles and simple to install. Suitable for internal and external applications. Ideal for feature walls fireplaces, garden walls or even the front of your home or building. Reclaimed Brick Slips are cut from natural full bricks which comes from buildings build in XVIII centuries. Natural brick slips are only 18- 20mm in thickness and can be installed on most sound surfaces and plasterboard walls. In our opinion there are no restrictions when it comes to using brick walls in our interiors – your imagination is the only limit! Use Brick Slips to create an interior design that will make everyone sigh with awe! Whether it is a chimney breast or a feature wall, bricks work perfectly with modern interior designs.
  • Building Supplies and Tools

    Building Supplies and Tools (20)

    Building Supplies and Tools

    Building Supplies provider - online store for builders and DIY enthusiasts in Ireland Building Supplies, Home Renovation Materials & Tools available online on our website, and our sister company's site All4Bulding. We offer high-quality products at affordable price for business trade clients,  DIY enthusiasts and private customers. All our products are manufactured in Europe. We are the experts in selecting and supplying the best building materials for our clients. Our staff members have many years of experience in the construction industry and managing interior and exterior renovation projects in Ireland and abroad. We offer Fast Nationwide Delivery! We sell:
    • Plaster fillers
    • Self-leveling compounds
    • Impregnation
    • Primers
    • Adhesives and mortars
    • Tools for builders and construction workers (including: paint brushes, scrapers, tiling tools, tapes, putty knives, trowels and more)
  • Floor & Wall Tiles Nationwide

    Floor & Wall Tiles Nationwide (198)

    Floor and Wall Tiles Nationwide Floor and Wall tiles delivered nationwide in Ireland: classic modern and nature inspired collections. Our unique collection inspired by nature: concrete and timber effect tiles. They are made out of high quality natural raw materials. Can be used outside and inside of residential and commercial buildings, including places situated in areas of traffic intensity: as a lining of outdoor stairs and indoor terraces, corridors, window boards, building facades and lining of fences. NON STOCK products 5-15 working days Lead time
  • 3D Wall Panels

    3D Wall Panels (5)

    3D Textured Wall Panels

    Textured walls can add visual interest to your interiors and give it a modern edge. Subtle textures set the mood for your decor, while more distinctive designs are ideal for accent walls. Decostones’ range of 3D Textured Wall Panels features a unique plaster that offers both versatility and durability. We have a range of designs available; each one displays a stellar 3D wall design to match your vision. The plaster we use is strengthened with glass fibres and is completely non-flammable — we do not use volatile mineral compounds of any kind. The measurements and weight of the panels will vary depending on the pattern, but they average at around 10kg each and measure at around 1000mm x 800mm. Decostones is your source for unique, modern panelling for walls. See our full collection of 3D textured wall panels below.
  • Fireplace tiles & accessories

    Fireplace tiles & accessories (50)

    Fireplace and Chimney Tiles

    Beautiful Tiles for the Fireplace

    Your fireplace can be the centrepiece of your home. Warm and toasty, it is a major source of heating and an elegant choice for lighting your interiors, imparting a soft glow to the entire room. Create a beautiful fireplace with Decostones' range of fireplace tiles. We supply fireplace tiles in Ireland, using heat resistant materials in a wide selection of colours and textures. Decostones is a leading supplier of tiles, floors and decorative interior accessories.

    Top Quality Materials

    Decostones understands that the best fireplaces combine aesthetics and functionality. This is why we use high quality, fire resistant materials that are not only beautiful but also protect the surrounding structures from burns and heat damage. Choose from our wide selection of fireplace tiles, including natural stone, graphite and brick, as well as natural aggregates and colourings. Each material is suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. Decostones is the environmentally friendly choice – we even offer reclaimed brick slips sourced from historical buildings. Our products comply with the highest quality standards. DecoStones gives your fireplace exceptional structure and colour. Highly textured and visually pleasing, our fireplace tiles and accessories are the perfect addition to your home.
  • Deco Plasters & Paints

    Deco Plasters & Paints (5)

    Deco Plasters and Paints

    These compounds, after application on walls, imitate natural stone, skin, paper, old plaster or concrete. Their textures might be totally abstract, shine or fold, as a result they can contribute to a compelling and unusual interior design. Depending on our preferences, interior style and idea, we can make use of these objects to create a unique place.
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