Cekol GS-83 Contact-quartz sand 5KG

20.99 inc. 23% Vat

Cekol GS-83 Contact-quartz sand 5KG

20.99 inc. 23% Vat

CEKOL GS-83 CONTACT has been specially formulated for priming smooth surfaces, floors and prefabricated elements from prepared timber and concrete to reinforced concrete elements. CEKOL GS-83 CONTACT primer is to be applied in order to improve plaster adhesion to difficult surfaces. Suitable for bothe interior and exterior use.

*Primer -Coverage: 10 sqm

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Actual Area (sq m) 12
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The CEKOL GS-83 CONTACT preparation is a non-toxic and non-flammable product. It strengthens the surface at the same time increasing the adherence of plasters, putties and mortars. Used when plastering, CEKOL GS-83 CONTACT improves uniformity of plaster, its setting and adhesion as well as facilitates plaster application. After drying, a rough coat is formed on the surface resiliant to water and alkaline agents at the same time allowing for water and gases to vapour.

The base must be cleaned of loose pieces and particles, dust and also of non-absorbable elements, like oil paints, and all elements not bound permanently with the base. The base must be free of grease.

This ready mixed emulsion is to be applied to previously prepared surface in a uniform layer using brush, roller or spray. Protect any nearby elements from getting dirty, any spillage wash immediately with water.
Note: During application and drying air and surface temperature must be in between +5oC to +25oC. Further work may be carried out when the primed surface is fully dry. Drying time, depending on temperature and humidity, is from several to 24 hours.

CEKOL GS-83 CONTACT meets the requirements of PN-C-81906:2003.
Drying time: from several to 24 hours (depending on the temperature and humidity)
Coverage: 10 kg/ 30-40 m² (may differ depending on base absorbability)
Work temperature: +5ºC to +25ºC
Product has the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) Attestation.

CEKOL GS-83 CONTACT should be stored in dark compartments (away from sources of heat), protected from overheating and frost. Shelf life is up to 12 months

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