Grenada Graphite - Internal & External Stone Cladding

47.99 sqm inc. 23% Vat

Grenada Graphite – Internal & External Stone Cladding

47.99 sqm inc. 23% Vat

Interior & Exterior decorative stone

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Tile dimensions:

height – 117 mm
width – 550 mm
thickness – 34 – 38 mm

What are the materials needed to apply the stone:

Need to be applied first in order to improve stone adhesion to surface Need to be applied first in order to improve stone adhesion to surface

(for inside use only): ready mix highly flexible stone adhesive

(for outside use only) : highly flexible tile adhesive

It provides durable protection and enhanced resistance against weather conditions and dirt

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Decorative stone Grenada, reflects unique features of a natural stone. Inspired by picturesque Andalusian landscapes, it brings to mind charming and mysterious atmosphere of Spanish towns. Thanks to exceptional structure and the subtle colors. 

In the innovative manufacturing process which uses only natural aggregates and colorings are made products of the highest quality and environmentally friendly. All elements are a subject of specialist researches in terms of the compliance with the quality standards. Deco Stones decorative stone perfectly proves as an element of the building arrangement and their interiors adding them a unique character.

  • Made out of high quality materials
  • Suitable for internal & external applications
  • Heat Resistant
  • Call in store to see our full range of products

Product description:

Dimensions: height – 117 mm, width 550 mm, thickness – 34 – 38 mm

Material: Concrete 

Number in box: 0.32 m2/ 5 pcs.

Packaging weight: 12 Kg

Application: interior & exterior


Assembly instruction of Deco Stones  tiles:

Executive instructions

  • Before proceeding to the work you should accurately measure a space, calculate a surface of tiles application and purchase by 10% more of material and a proper amount of the primer, adhesive, pointers (mortar) in the case of pointer tiles and preserving impregnate.
  • If there is a possibility to purchase the corners, additionally to the calculated amount, you should buy by 5% more for the wastes. Purchasing at one time a needed amount of all materials ensures a repeatability of tile and pointer color.
  • The differences in colors and sizes between the elements in one box are consciousness and gives an elevation a natural appearance.
  • The tiles should be selected from several boxes simultaneously in order to achieve a homogenous distribution of the color graduation.
  • The ambient temperature during gluing and within 48h after gluing should not be lower than +5oC and higher than +25oC.
  • The particular information shall not be applied to the certain types of the tiles therefore before gluing you should carefully read the instruction on the packaging.
  • NOTE: DECO STONES  shall not be liable for any and all improper assembly of the tiles, and any complaints with regard to the dimensions and colors lodged after an assembly shall not be accepted.


All backgrounds before gluing should be properly well-cured, have a proper load bearing capacity, constant and homogenous structure, be even, dry and cleaned from the paint, adhesive agents and lubricants remaining – the non-stabile coatings should be removed.

  • Before gluing a wall should be, whenever needed, levelled with a levelling mortar.
  • The background should be primed with thistle bond – surface primer – you can also buy at our store
  • The background should be satisfactorily stabile like, e.g. concrete, brick, particleboards, aerated concrete, plasterboards, etc.


  • Gluing should be begun from gluing corners or the most visible places – avoiding not pretty cuts and connections in the representative places.
  • The back of the tile requires removing a gypsum deposit developed during a manufacturing process using, for instance a spatula, a wire brush or a hair brush.
  • Gluing should be started from the bottom part. In the case of missed even horizontal support for the tiles, you should start gluing with adjusting using a level and a level staff at the height of circa 11 cm above the floor.
  • The best effect is obtained by gluing the tiles shifted in relation to each other. We recommend a shift of circa 1/3 of the tile length above the floor. One should not glue tiles one below the other.
  • The adhesive e.g. Cladding Adhesive from Deco Stones  should be applied with the spatula in 3-4 sites on the tile. Then we press the tile slightly moving it up to the moment of the even distribution of the adhesive. The exceeded adhesive should be removed.


  • After a complete drying (around few days later), a wall shall be protected on its entire surface with an agent which facilitates maintain a clean elevation, e.g. DECO  STONES CARE   by spraying.
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