Madera Grey- Stone Cladding for Fireplace

39.99 sqm inc. 23% Vat

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Interior & Exterior decorative stone

Colour:  Grey (02)

Tile dimensions: 

height  93 mm
width 200-340 mm
thickness 8-23 mm



80 in stock (can be backordered)

Actual Area (sq m) 0.49
Total Price 19.60


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What are the materials needed to apply the stone:

Need to be applied first in order to improve stone adhesion to surface Need to be applied first in order to improve stone adhesion to surface

(for inside use only): ready mix highly flexible stone adhesive

(for outside use only) : highly flexible tile adhesive

It provides durable protection and enhanced resistance against weather conditions and dirt

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Interior & Exterior decorative stone tiles ‘Madera’ – perfect heat resistant stone cladding for fireplaces!

Decorative stone Madera, reflects unique features of a natural stone. Inspired by picturesque Andalusian landscapes, it brings to mind charming and mysterious atmosphere of Spanish towns. Thanks to exceptional structure and the subtle colours. 

In the innovative manufacturing process which uses only natural aggregates and colourings are made products of the highest quality and environmentally friendly. All elements are a subject of specialist researches in terms of the compliance with the quality standards. Deco Stones decorative stone perfectly proves as an element of the building arrangement and their interiors adding them a unique character.

  • Made out of high quality materials
  • Suitable for internal & external applications
  • Heat resistant
  • Call in store to see our full range of products

Product description:

Name: Internal and external Decorative Stone Madera- tiles

Colour: Grey

Dimensions: height – 90 mm, width 200-300 mm, thickness 23  mm

Material: Concrete 

Number in box: 0.49 m2/ 10 pcs.

Packaging weight: 11 Kg

Application: interior & exterior

Transport costs:

Delivery cost for palletized packagings depends on county region. You may choose standard average paletized delivery cost buying though basket . Check delivery cost to your area


  • After a complete drying (around few days later ), a wall shall be protected on its entire surface with an agent which facilitates maintain a clean elevation, e.g.DECO  STONES CARE   by spraying.
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