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Stone Cladding vs Stone Wallpaper

stone cladding vs wallpaper

Stone Cladding vs Stone Wallpaper

If you’re thinking of overhauling the interiors in your home, you may be interested in creating a feature wall. Recently, stone cladding and brick walls have become incredibly popular. If you like the look of an exposed wall, and this is a vibe you’re keen to channel in your home, you may have questions about the benefits of buying cladding or brick slips or ordering stone wallpaper. If you’re weighing up the options, hopefully, this article will help you make up your mind.

Stone cladding vs stone wallpaper

stone wallpaperIt’s very common for people to want a statement wall in their homes, and brick and stone are popular choices. If you love the rustic cottage vibe or you’re after an ultra-modern, industrial look, cladding and brick slip walls are an excellent addition. There are various options available to you when it comes to creating this feature at home. You can buy brick slips or stone cladding, or you can paper your walls using stone effect wallpaper.


Value for money

value-for-money-iconThe reasons many people choose to buy wallpaper are cost and convenience. Wallpapering is often a simple task, which can be done quickly, and the cost of paper is likely to be lower than stone cladding. In truth, the price difference doesn’t always reflect value for money. The initial outlay for a stone cladding wall will be higher than wallpaper, but cladding is much more durable and hard-wearing than paper, and therefore, in the long-run, it may actually save you money. The process of creating a feature wall may also be less time-consuming and complex than you think, and once in place, your wall will require minimal maintenance. There’s also no risk of a stone cladding wall losing its visual appeal if you have artistic little ones or pets who have a tendency to scratch.

Range of styles

stone cladding displayAnother reason you may wish to consider buying cladding for your home is versatility. With wallpaper, you’re limited to the styles that are available in a home store or from online retailers. With stone cladding, there’s a vast range of styles available, and you can choose the aesthetic that best suits your home and your decor.



Grenada-details-stone claddingIf you have your heart set on an authentic rustic look or a loft-style, industrial vibe, you’re best opting for brick slips or stone cladding to create a feature wall. Paper looks realistic, but you can’t beat the real thing. If you have an aesthetic in mind, it makes sense to try and achieve the closest match. With stone cladding, you get the 3D effect and the quirky shapes and imperfections that give the room character and make your home different from others on the block.
Have you spotted a feature wall you’d like to recreate at home? If you’re eager to make a statement, you might be thinking about whether to buy stone cladding or stone wallpaper. Wallpaper is an easy option, which is also inexpensive, but cladding offers a host of benefits. The aesthetic will be more authentic, stone offers better value for money over a period of time, and you get a unique feature that will make your home look fantastic.


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