Stone fireplace

A short guide to stone fireplaces in interior design in Ireland. Get stone fireplace surround and chimney breast stone cladding ideas for your home.

A fireplace is seen as a central part of a living room in most houses. It makes the room cosier and adds warmth to the overall interior design. The stone cladding wall, on the other hand, makes the fireplace really stylish and completes the unique decoration of your living room.

A few words about us: Decostones specialises in wall cladding, including stone fireplace tiles, which can be purchased here. We are based in Ballincollig, Co. Cork but thanks to our modern online store we can easily sell and deliver our premium products for stone fireplaces countrywide. Most of our cladding products for chimney breasts and fireplaces are sold to customers based in Cork, Dublin, Waterford, Galway, Limerick (all major Irish cities) as well as Belfast but we are the first choice for most clients from all over Ireland. We are the most trusted wall cladding supplier in the country.

Before you start shopping for stone cladding products (hopefully choosing Decostones as your stone supplier), we advise that you read this short article on best solutions available to you, and the most suitable for your fireplace, first.

Why use stone for fireplace wall or surround decoration

Candice Olson, one of the most known interior designers in the world, loves stone feature walls. She is a big fan of using this decorative material around a fireplace in living rooms. The designer recommends to take advantage of the natural beauty of a stone and use it to create an impressive fireplace, which should become a central element of the entire design. In her opinion, a stone fireplace in a house is so important, that she first chooses a design and a colour of fireplace stone, and then proceeds to select the room’s palette to match the fireplace’s colour.

Other interior designers also agree stone cladding is a perfect material for the job. Minimalist publishers recommend it as a choice for any type of room: small, big, designed in modern or classic style. You simply cannot go wrong with a fireplace in a room (not to mention decorating it with our stone cladding slips!).

Types of fireplaces that work best with stone cladding

There are many different kinds of indoor fireplaces: traditional (and the most popular) wood-burning, then: gas, electric and finally ethanol fireplaces. The choice will depend on many factors, such as:

  • installation and maintenance cost
  • energy efficiency
  • type of property you want to install the fireplace in
  • your personal preferences (likes/dislikes)

The good news for the stone lovers is that all these fireplaces listed above can be decorated with our stone cladding slips. Most of our products are suitable for wall decoration around a chimney breast wall or behind a stove. Only a few stone cladding products we offer are not heat resistant and can be used ONLY for decorating electric fireplaces’ wall. Always ask our staff for advice if unsure which stone is best for your project.

Fireplace design ideas

Here are some of the projects where our fitting services and stone cladding were used. To make it easier for you to decide which product is best for your fireplace chimney breast or a surrounding wall, we created two categories: one with all cladding that is heat resistant, and another one with products that can only be used with electric fireplaces (as they cannot withstand the high temperatures generated by traditional gas and wood-burning fireplaces or stoves).

Stone cladding suitable for all types of fireplaces:

Palermo White stone cladding for fireplaces
Palermo Graphite fireplace stone cladding
Nepal Grey stone cladding
Nepal Frost stone cladding
Natural Stone- Bianco
Natural Stone- Ivory stone chimney breast
Natural Stone- Grey fireplace surround
Natural stone- Rusty
Mexicana stone fireplace cladding
Marseille Volcanic stone
Madera stone cladding for a fireplace decoration
Grenada Russet stone cladding
Grenada Frost stone fireplace
Grenada Graphite stone
Creta Grey stone for fireplaces
Creta Cream heat resistant stone cladding
California Grey
California Dessert stone for fireplaces

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Decostones manufactured stone veneer suitable ONLY for electric fireplaces:

Electric fireplace stone cladding: Toscania Grey
Silo Cream stone for electric fireplace wall cladding


Colorado stone
Venezia Graphite stone
Venezia Latte stone cladding suitable for electric fireplaces

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DIY enthusiasts and fireplace stone cladding


The installation process of our products is really simple as the stone cladding collection was designed with DIY clients in mind. We have an amazing range of stone & brick cladding suitable for fireplace wall decoration and offer very competitive prices.

If you need more ideas or advice on a fireplace chimney breast or feature wall cladding contact our staff for a FREE consultation.  If you find the fitting process overwhelming contact us for a quote on our product installation service.